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Bond with your new fave mummy bloggers...

By The Bonds Team


A little while ago we started our Search for a Bumps & Baby Blogger and now, after lovingly reading through all of the amazing entries (we laughed, we cried, we bookmarked for later) we've managed to narrow it down to our top four. So here they are, our wonderful new guest bloggers... Kellie Turtu //
Mama Pyjama
I'm Kellie - dream chaser, music enthusiast, project manager, wife, and mother of two spirited little boys. Somewhere along the journey of becoming wife and mother, I lost my sense of 'self'. I morphed into Mama Pyjama. A somewhat robotic shell of my former self; stuck in a perpetual state of sleep chasing; living each day just to get through to the next nap time; losing care for my appearance (my wardrobe contained maternity wear for far longer than it was required!) forgetting my passions and putting myself last at every given opportunity. I received a wake-up call in the form of a complete stranger looking me square in the eyes and telling me that I was "BORING". Never before had I been referred to as boring, and never do I want to be again! So here I am today, about 6 months into my 're-birth', hoping that putting this website together will help someone (anyone) else suffering from Mama Pyjama Syndrome and give them the drive to pull themselves out of the rut and back into life again. You are never alone in your experiences and I am dedicated to being honest about mine. Winning post:
Bec Senyard //
The Plumbette
My name is Rebecca Senyard and I am a female plumber. I write a blog called The Plumbette where I talk about my experiences working in a male dominated industry, as well as giving general plumbing advice to other mums and dads. I also share stories about my personal life, including those about balancing work and family time with my kids and husband. I have two daughters. Esther is 3 years old and Magdalene is 5 months old. They are gorgeous and creative and if they don’t practice a trade, like their mummy, when they grow up they may become models because they are just so darn cute. I love being a mum but I also have moments where I think 'what have I gotten myself into?' I work part-time as a plumber and blog three times a week on The Plumbette. I love the versatility of work and being a stay at home mum as no week is the same for me. I am blessed that my kids are cared for by my mum (their grandma) when I head to work. I understand the challenges of being a mum to a baby and toddler, as well as working to help pay the bills. I’m living in that season right now. When I have a moment to myself I like to make resin jewellery, read other blogs, go shopping and eat Cadbury chocolate. Winning post:
Kayana Theobald //
The Central Nest
I am 30, married and a mother. I am a student. A legal clerk. (Lazy) Try-hard photographer. Amateur cook. Shopping addict and Channing Tatum’s wardrobe consultant (okay, maybe not). I am well spoken in the language of sarcasm and on most days I am sane; well, at least functional. I love shopping and nice things. Its just a shame my taste often outdoes my budget. I love laughing and wine. Especially laughing while drinking wine. I would describe myself as honest but always with the best intentions. I always do my best and manage to get myself into embarrassing situations... a lot. I LOVE writing and humour. I love different opinions (especially my own!). I love people and talking and friends. My husband makes my heart smile. He is the bacon to my eggs. While good separately, we just go better together. We are lucky enough to have two daughters who really are the bees knees and the ants pants (not that you can smell the stench of parental bias in that statement). My two-year old is a spirited firecracker who believes that unless you are wearing a fancy dress costume, you are not properly attired and my darling seven month old likes to lick lino for fun. We are all happily building our lives in the Central West but I wanted to know more, to do more, to buy more and to see more. Hence, this page being born. Winning post:
Sarah Bowen //
My name is Sarah. I am a wife to a man who I’ve known since he was boy. I’m a mum to a spunky little 2 year old boy. I’m an aunty, sister and friend. I work part time in the field of Early Childhood and Family Services and I love what I do. I love reading, taking photos, eating things that are bad for me (but taste so good) and spending time with my family. I worry. I think, a lot. I care..sometimes too much. I started my blog Sarahdipity last year as space where I can share my thoughts, experiences, moments and milestones, a place where I could combine my love for writing and creativity with my love for my family. It’s a way in which I hope to connect with other people and hear their stories too. I’ve since found a community of fellow parent bloggers who make me feel less alone in this crazy, confusing world called parenthood. Winning post:
Thanks again to everyone who entered, the Bumps & Baby Blogger posts will start from next week - watch this space! :D  
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