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6 Brands, 1 Easy Checkout


It feels good to BKIND. That's why we're weaving in kind all over the place. So pull on a pair of Bonds and feel comfy knowing you're supporting a brand with its heart - and its stitching - in the right place.

It feels good to BKIND. That's why we're weaving in kind all over the place. We’re doing this for our products, the planet, the community, and the people in them. After all, kindness isn't something you should half arse, you have to whole arse it. So pull on a pair of Bonds and feel comfy knowing you're supporting a brand with its heart - and its stitching - in the right place.

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By The Bonds Team

Imagine for a moment you are the Lifestyle Editor at digital pop culture hub, Pedestrian. If you're thinking you'd probably spend most days making memes, creating crazy video content and crafting witty puns then, well... you'd be on the money! Meet Lucinda Price, the *real life* Lifestyle Ed at Pedestrian and owner of an enviable Sinead O'Connor-esque buzz cut. If you've ever wondered what it's like to work in digital media or what it takes to make memes for a living, read on...

Image credit: Maddie Roux

What does your role as Lifestyle Editor at Pedestrian involve? 

Half the time I’m writing news and feature stories, the other half I’m doing all manner of things that my parents don’t understand. I make memes, I shoot and edit videos, I present some of our video content, I go to events and festivals and I spend a lot of time coming up with puns for our Facebook posts. The fact that I get paid to make silly videos and write fart-based jokes blows my mind.

Have you always wanted to work in digital media?

Not exactly. As a kid, I always wanted to be a newsreader. When I was eight I actually got a bob haircut so I could look more like Sandra Sully. That said, it’s incredible to be a part of digital media right now. It changes and evolves every day. Ten years ago my job didn’t exist. It’s sort of like we’re making history… one meme at a time.

What did you study at university?

I studied a Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) at RMIT, which I finished last month. The course was hands-on, competitive and taught me how to brainstorm ideas and bring them to life. I use the skills I learnt at uni every day, which makes my enormous, looming HECS debt a little more palatable.

Describe your personal style.

My style is feminine with an edge. I’d like to think it’s sophisticated. Since shaving my head, though, I’ve become a lot braver with my style. I feel like I can pull off more diverse looks. I’ll wear a flat cap backwards and feel confident, even if my colleagues tell me I look like Samuel L Jackson. Above all else, I dress for my body. I know what silhouettes work for me and I stick to them.

Who or what influences your style?

Anna Stern from The O.C.

When it comes to fashion/food/hobbies/interests do you have any unusual mash-ups?

I love exercising alone. Put me in a room with weights and some early ‘00 Kylie Minogue and I’m in my element… but I am shocking at team sports. I have the hand-eye coordination of a toddler. I have a dirty, at times disgusting, sense of humour but I’m a neat freak. I rollerblade and we’re living in the year 2017. Is that not the greatest mash-up of all?

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up at 7:30am, pack my lunch and ride my bike to work. I’ll grab a coffee with the team and call up our Sydney office for our daily news meeting before settling in for a few solid hours of writing. At lunchtime, I love strolling down Toorak Rd and checking out the consignment stores. I’m a sucker for pre-loved luxury clothes and accessories. I’ll write for the rest of the afternoon while trying to stave off Freddo Frog cravings. After work, I’ll ride my bike to the gym and pump out a little session. I’m in bed by 9:30pm every weeknight. I put my phone on sleep mode and read for an hour before dozing off. I never read in school, and my 15-year-old self would be shocked at who I’ve become. When I read I pretend I’m a Sim and my little green diamond is filling up with knowledge and it’s satisfying.

What advice do you have for anyone aspiring to work in digital media?

Your biggest assets are your ideas. If you can come up with ideas consistently and share them fearlessly you’ll do well. Enthusiasm helps, too. Also – never be afraid to reach out to people you admire for advice or to tell them you’re a fan of their work. I’ve always been shameless in asking people I look up to for advice and it’s helped me find my way into a job I love.

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