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The "Chicken Suit" and Me // Mama Pyjama

By The Bonds Team


Last time around we asked our wonderful guest bloggers for the best advice they would give to a new parent. You can read the wonderful first post from Mama Pyjama called 'Trust Your Gut Not Your Google' HERE. Now that you're all caught up, this week we asked for a post on whatever they would like to write about but with a little bit of a Bonds connection thrown in for good measure. Take it away, Kellie: When my girlfriends asked me what gift I would like for my baby shower, one thing sprung to my clucky pregnancy mind – “A chicken suit!” “A whaaat??” “You know, one of those little terry towelling suits that make them look like little plucked chickens?!” “You mean … a Wondersuit??” I’ve always loved babies in Wondersuits. They look so snuggly, so fresh and new…when I imagine a baby in my head, that’s how I see them. At my baby shower my friends presented me with a hamper of goodies; front and centre was a Bonds Wondersuit, stuffed and positioned to look exactly like a little roast chicken. Hilarious! This memory marks the beginning of my journey into motherhood. Chicken5 My son left the hospital all suited up in his “chicken suit”; his extra-long feet fitted perfectly in it, his precious little face protected from his sharp newborn nails by the built in mittens. He looked exactly as I had imagined – picture perfect, cuddly, pure and new in white terry towelling. Chicken3 Things turned a little pear-shaped shortly after arriving home from hospital. He went from cute little chicken, to squawking angry bird – mouth wide for food, arms flapping, legs kicking through the pain of colic, and reflux causing him to regurgitate his latest meal (what felt like) every ten minutes. And there I was - once a clucky new mother, now a headless chicken running in circles, wondering when the world was going to stop spinning. I was strung out on sleep deprivation, self-doubt and the stress of having an unsettled newborn, when our washing machine, hot water system and oven all gave out at once. One after the other, like they were going out on strike. Rebelling against the new addition to the family. Revenge of the white goods! Exactly what one needs three weeks into parenthood. I must have gone through a half dozen outfits a day in those early months. Thanks to the terrible reflux and colic he threw up on EVERYTHING and was in what seemed like constant pain from stomach cramps. I remember standing in the laundromat (I was in no state to be out in public) looking desperately at my husband. I said, “Go…just please go and just buy whatever Bonds stuff they have in Woolies and Coles. The chicken suits and the singlets that button up at the crotch. Please. I just want to go home”. I swear he had rays of light shining out of his head when he came back with every Bonds suit and singlet they had in stock with a “I hope I got the right ones” look on his face. I can still picture the clothes horse in those early days. Hand-washed chicken suits and singlets filling every rack. Whilst my focus and priority shifted from ‘cute and cuddly’ to ‘comfort and convenience’, his outfit remained the same - the ever faithful Wondersuit. Chicken4 There are so many things to think about when you welcome a precious newborn into your life. There are the big things, like their safety whilst traveling and sleeping, and the smaller things like whether to use a dummy or rock them to sleep. There’s always so much going on in your mind, that sometimes it’s the simple (seemingly trivial) things like finding a) reliable nappies b) bottles that don’t leak and c) good quality clothes that are comfortable and fulfil their purpose, that make a huge difference to the everyday pressures of parenting. I count Bonds up there in my list of brands that took some of the stress and decision-making out of my early parenting days. It was just a given. After all Wondersuits are to babies as cheese is to crackers! By Kellie Turtu Mama Pyjama
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