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We love a good story book

By The Bonds Team


At Bonds we love creativity, we love craft and we LOVE fun stories for kids. Luckily for you, we’ve found all three bundled up together. The story goes like this… One day Cat Rabbit, the lovely Textile Artist and Designer, was in her workshop merrily working away on her furry felt animal friends when in walks Isobel Knowles, the amazingly talented Animator who loves nothing more than giving life to anything and everything, and they see each other and they both stop...and suddenly! They knew exactly what they had to do; "children's book?" says one to the other, "children's book" agrees the other. And Owl Know How was born! At Bonds we also love to share stories that inspire, and Cat and Isobel Know How to do exactly that – read on to get your own creative juices flowing and discover an owl-related crafting challenge to keep the kids occupied this weekend!
As a kid, what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’? Isobel: I never had any intention of growing up. Cat: Anne of Green Gables. Do you have any advice for people trying to turn what they love doing into a way to pay the rent? Isobel: Sometimes plunging into it without much of a safety net is the only way you can know if things will work out ok. Cat: Know that there is no clear pathway; you kind of have to make your own path. Who are some other talented Aussies you admire (people who everyone really to needs know about)? Isobel: Anna Varendorff puts rings on my fingers. All my favourite dresses come from Cottage Industry and Kuwaii. Clare Bowditch and her Big Hearted Business project - she has been very supportive of Owl Know How. Tara Shackell (who is also in my band) makes my favourite ceramic vases. Ghita Loebenstein and her Speakeasy Cinema play the most interesting movies in town. Simon MacEwan - he made us some OKH Jewellery and he knows how to make practically everything! Cat: The Seven Seas draws hands like it ain't no thing. Ghostpatrol - a super human painting force. Miso - has been making amazing pin pricked paper pieces lately, not to mention her ever brilliant drawing skills. Andrea Innocent draws the best characters in town. Nior - painter and sculptor of animals like you've never seen. Is your house chock-a-block full of your own art? Do you like to keep your work close and surround yourself with your creations or are you done with them once the creative process is over and you’re on to the next work? Isobel: My finished work usually lives on a screen (or in a book) and it's not much to look at when it's not in front of a camera. I keep all the remnants of past projects in boxes and envelopes. Cat: I like to send my work out into the world to fend for itself. Can you tell us a bit about Owl Know How; how it came about, the idea behind it? We began with an animation of a factory where rabbits are busy making owls. We showed it as an art piece in Cat's exhibition at No Vacancy and a publisher from Thames & Hudson saw it, asked us to turn it into a book and then we had to figure out a scenario where such a factory could be required. What made you want to create a book for kids? We were both very inspired as children by great books and cartoons and felt it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to contribute to the current and future generations of young imaginations. Do you have any advice for parents on how to nurture their kids’ artistic abilities? Always be encouraging and supportive. Be open to all kinds of expression and get into it yourself too. Making stuff is just so much fun, everyone should have a go. What’s next? We're working on an exhibition together, another factory, to be installed at Westspace Gallery in September. And we are beginning to write a new story for a second book. And of course, what is your earliest memory of Bonds? Isobel: As a teenager I used to buy Bonds Tees at the supermarket and print pictures onto them at the newsagents using their fabric printer. Cat: I remember a cottontails ad in an old Women's Weekly Magazine featuring a drawing of a little girl wearing pants with a rabbit tail and ears on. Very cute. Thanks for your time!
Pics from behind-the-scenes: OwlKnowHowProcess
You can bring the Owl Know How story to life in your own home with this nifty Owl-Know-How-How-To featuring step-by-step sew-along instructions to:


You will find everything you could ever want to know about the Owl Know How world on their website HERE and you can buy the Owl Know How book and other special items at their Etsy shop HERE.

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