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Aussie Cotton

What’s the status of cotton farming in Australia?

Here is a brief snapshot: in a non-drought year, the Aussie cotton-growing industry employs over 10,000 people. Ninety percent of farms are owned and operated by local families, who produce some of the highest quality cotton in the world, all while using less water, less chemicals and healthier soils.

Farmers decide which crops to plant based on the best commercial return. Annual crops, such as cotton, allows for more flexibility and a greater return on investment (including what they spend on water), this is why so many farmers are choosing to grow cotton over crops.

What water efficiencies does the Aussie cotton industry employ?

The good news is that today the industy needs 40% less water to grow one tonne of cotton lint in Australia compared to 2003. From 2015 to 2016, cotton made up 16% of water useage on farms, and growers are constantly finding new ways to improve how they manage their water resources. Some of these ways include: redesigning fields and implementing soil moisture probes.

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How is water allocated to farmers?

Water is allocated annually to farmers by the Australian government. Naturally, the environment is always the government’s first priority, followed closely by community. Depending on conditions such as drought, water allocation for farmers is not fixed. So far in 2019, we are experiencing drought conditions, so the water allocation has been reduced from last year.

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How does Bonds source its Australian cotton?

It’s simple, really. We use Aussie cotton because it supports our farmers. Ninety percent of cotton farms across Australia are owned and operated by local families, not by large international companies. Not only do they produce some of the world’s purest cotton, Aussie farmers work to a set of environmental and ethical standards, which allows us to participate in an industry that is continuously striving for better practices.

What’s the difference in using Aussie cotton versus other types of cotton?

One word: quality. Being some of the purest cotton in the world, Aussie cotton offers a level of quality that is unparalleled. With 91.4% of Australian cotton meeting or exceeding the base grade in 2017, you can be sure than any Aussie cotton piece you buy from us is both insanely soft and durable. We also source cotton from markets across the globe, currently 10% of our products are made using Aussie cotton.

For more on the status of Aussie cotton farming, visit the National Farmers’ Federation website.

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