Cramps! Spills! You name it... Periods can be uncomfortable, right? That's why we're putting the comfy into your period with new BONDS Bloody Comfy™ Period Undies. Designed to make you feel comfortable and confident day and night, Bloody Comfy™ Period Undies have layers of leak-proof protection that go with your flow. No leaks, no odours and easy to wash, step into them just like regular undies and away you go. 

With a variety of comfy undie shapes and light, medium and heavy absorbancies available, you can wear them on any day of your flow. Plus, the kicker: they're kinder for the environment and they help stop the heavy flow of pads and tampons from going into landfill too. A new period in periods has arrived - try new Bloody Comfy™ Period Undies today! 

Kinder for the environment It’s time to replace those tampons and pads. These wash ‘n’ wear reusable undies reduce the flow of disposable period protection going into landfill. More comfy = less waste. Winning all ‘round!