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Bonds Explorer: Welcome to the wild within
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Triple twist belly-whackers, ember-gazing, unfoldable foldable chairs, cuisine a la can, incinerated marshmallows, bindi minefields. Do any of these things ring a bell for you? If so, then our new Bonds Explorer range could soon become your new go-to gear for getting off the grid.

Uniting two trailblazing brands, so you can blaze your own trail, Bonds Explorer is all about unleashing the wild within. Whether that’s a lost weekend with your mates, a regular day on the tools, playtime at the park, or a backyard bonfire with your BFFs/boo, it’s designed to be adaptable, durable, and more sustainable. Built better for the planet, designed to get it done.


When it comes to socks, Bonds and Explorer having been keeping Aussie feet comfy for… well, forever. This latest Explorer sock range might have a new look, but it’s still the same sock you know and love. Now made with Aussie or recycled cotton, it features arch support to keep you on your feet no matter what the terrain.

Shop the socks that never clock off here.

Tough Trunks

Made with Tough Stuff™ because nature has sharp edges, our range of Tough Trunks comes in a variety of colours and lengths. Made with Aussie cotton for Australia’s most hostile nether regions, they also include reinforced seams to survive any belly-whacker.

Shop our toughest trunks yet here.

Genderless Sweats & Tees

Because out there, what’s mine is yours. Our unisex Tough sweats are made with recycled fibres because we already have everything we need.

Shop genderless gear that gets you off the grid here.

Polar Fleece

For when things get not-so-comfy, our range of Polar Fleece will keep you extra cosy. Made with recycled polyester because you should only leave your footprints.

Shop polar fleece for all the warm and fuzzies here.


Introducing hard-wearing onesies for swamp-loving onesies. Our range of brushed fleece Explorer Zippys are made with recycled fibres for the most fearless explorers.

Shop our woolly wanderer onesies here.


Heavy-duty gear for feral-minded kids. That’s what our Explorer range for minis is all about. Made with recycled fibres because it’s one big sandpit out there.

Shop our toughest kit for kids on-the-go here.

From epic peaks to city streets, whatever you’ve got and wherever you’re going, Bonds Explorer can handle it. Afterall, it’s Bonds Explorer. Name a more iconic  duo, we’ll wait…

3 years ago
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