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Preggo Life with Abbey Ginns

By The Bonds Team

Pregnancy is different for every woman. Here, we get the lowdown on what it's been like so far for model, blogger and soon-to-be-mama, Abbey Ginns... 

Growing a baby has been the most incredible experience. I am so amazed at what our bodies are capable of and cannot believe that I have grown this little bub inside of me and it will soon be here in the world – how crazy and incredible are human beings?! Going into pregnancy I had no idea how my body would change or what to expect. I never really had expectations of how I should feel or look, which I think has been a blessing for me as I feel amazing and more confident in my body now than prior to being pregnant. I’ve always lived a really healthy yet balanced lifestyle and I’m passionate about eating good quality wholesome food, so it was only natural to continue down that path in pregnancy.

Pregnancy life with Abbey Ginns

Every single person is different and has a varied experience, but for me I have been unexpectedly boring and had no drastic cravings. In the beginning it was more of what I could actually tolerate rather than what I wanted, and since that cleared up I have stuck to my everyday go-to’s, but just a lot more of it - I’m an eating machine! This for me is clean, real food – predominantly meats, vegetables, nuts and fats. I have definitely felt like my body needs heavier and more carb-based foods which, for me, has been about including more starch-based vegetables and fermented sourdoughs into my diet, and definitely still treating myself but making sure they are made from scratch or really good quality options.

Pregnancy life with Abbey Ginns

Listening to what my body needs has been the key and has definitely worked for me. I have a green juice most days in the morning, which is a great way to make sure I’m always including leafy greens in my diet. I also take an organic chlorella tablet, which I feel has really helped me and the bub (thanks to my beautiful friend who is the best nutritionist). I have definitely wanted lots of cold fruit, but have tried to ferment a lot of it in coconut kefir to reduce the sugar levels – and I love the taste! I’m definitely no expert and I have been really relaxed and laid-back in regards to the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy, but I think trust your instinct and do what feels right for you.

Pregnancy life with Abbey Ginns

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For more pregnancy inspo, check out Abbey on Instagram @abbey_ginns

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