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PROUD TO BE ME: Bonds Pride 2023
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Introducing Proud To Be Me, the new Bonds Pride range designed in collaboration with Sydney-based LGBTQIA+ artist Kris Andrew Small. 

Filled with Kris’ signature electric prints and a palette of statement neons, the limited-edition collection of comfy clothing, undies, and sleepwear is an ode to the extravagant celebrations of World Pride that’s taking stage in Sydney during February 2023. Set on a sparkling backdrop of bold colours, glitter and shimmer, Proud To Be Me is an open invitation to fully dive in and embrace your authentic self without hesitation;
a sentiment truly embodied by the diverse and incredible members the LGBTQIA+ community featured in our campaign.

Led by our UnGENderwear advocates Deni Todorovic (they/them) and Kath Ebbs (she/they), watch as the cast glow and sashay down the catwalk in our collection; starring activist Grace Hyland (she/her), Indigenous singer-songwriter Louis Libran (he/him), Māori artist & creative director Jamaica Moana (she/he), non-binary model Mia “Minky” Dennis (she/they), drag queen Amyl (he/they), multidisciplinary artist Stelly G (she/her), fashion influencers Jack Huang (he/him) & Kiah (he/they).

Watch the full film HERE

Pictured: Louis Libran (he/him), Mia “Minky” Dennis (she/they), Amyl (he/they), Kiah (he/they)

Pictured: Kath Ebbs (she/they) & Deni Todorovic (they/them)

Pictured: Jack Huang (he/him) & Stelly G (she/her)

Pictured: Grace Hyland (she/her)

Pictured: Jamaica Moana (she/he)



Shining the spotlight on our Pride artist Kris Andrew Small on what inspired his design, he noted; 

"I wanted to make the collection look like a celebration; the graphics to be really fun, stretchy and flowy so when worn, they morph and find a new way of existing on the person that is wearing them. It’s hard to sum up the entire community in any body of work or this collection, and I am not aiming to do that. But I hope queer people see the joy and celebration in this range and feel they are welcomed to be a part of that!"

Watch the film HERE

Pictured: Pride collection and Mardi Gras float artist, Kris Andrew Small.



To add to the joyous occasion, we have the honour of supporting our community partners Minus18 in their first ever float during the Mardi Gras parade! Designed by Kris Andrew Small, the float and feature are significant moments in representation for the LGBTQIA+ youth community the foundation champions - we can’t wait to share with you all of the excitement post-parade, so make sure to stay tuned!

If you'd like to show your support, you can donate directly to Minus18 at checkout when you shop with us online during the month of February!



As if that’s not thrilling enough - we’ve been busy over here working on the goals of our UnGENderwear Project that kicked off in early 2022,
one of them being our very first Genderfree online shopping experience!

Adding a new Genderfree tab on our navigation menu, this space is filled with styles from our existing offerings that have been carefully curated by Deni Todorovic and Kath Ebbs to be worn by everybody regardless of gender identity. Inspiring a different way to shop and think about clothes, this space is about making room for everyone to find their comfy, and if it feels good and looks good, then we say “you do you!” 

From making small changes (with big impacts!) to language & to rolling out in-store training for our teams, we continue to work closely with our UnGENderwear advocates and partners at Minus18 to help provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone to shop with Bonds. Watch the film HERE

Check out the Genderfree page HERE
Shop the Pride range HERE

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