Respect our Intellectual Property

At Bonds, we love to create – new products and prints, great websites and advertising campaigns - so we can bring you amazing items to surprise and delight. Creating new things is core to our business, so we take protection of our creations very seriously. Intellectual Property rights provide that protection.

Our Intellectual Property includes trade marks, copyright, patents and registered designs.

We have registrations for many of our brands such as Bonds, Cottontails, Chesty, Cozy Cuffs, The Cozy Cuff’s Shape Mark, Guy Front, Wondersuit and Zippy. We monitor use of our brands, including in the online environment using world-class technology, and take action to prevent unauthorised use.

Products such as our Zip Wondersuit coveralls, rompers and swim suits are protected by registered patents and designs in numerous countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, the US and Europe. More details regarding these rights are provided in the tables below. These provide protection for the shape and appearance of our products as well as their innovative features. We are very active in enforcing these rights against companies who copy our products.

Copyright protects our creative materials such as the prints we use on our products and the pictures we use in our advertising, including in store, in catalogues and at our websites. These materials are created for Bonds by its employee designers or by independent designers paid by Bonds for the specific use of their materials. Illegal copying of protected materials without permission amounts to a copyright infringement. Infringing behaviour includes creating “Bonds Inspired” garments that copy our fabric prints and using product images taken from our websites without permission. Simply because our images are online and you have the technical ability to copy a picture or print does not mean that you are legally allowed make that copy!

We actively monitor online marketplaces and social media platforms around the world to ensure that our Intellectual Property rights are respected. We also receive many independent reports from Bonds loving consumers when they see a product or advertising that they think unfairly uses our Intellectual Property. If you see something that you would like to bring to our attention, please email us the details.

You should also beware of buying copy products. The sale of counterfeit products is reported to fund organised crime and terrorist groups and counterfeit products are frequently made in sweatshops, potentially using child labour, in violation of child labour laws and basic human rights. Our products are manufactured in line with high safety standards that won’t be applied when copy products are being made.

Bonds Bloody Comfy™ Period Undies:

Bonds Bloody Comfy™ Period Undies are protected by a range of intellectual property rights including granted and pending patent applications. As at 13 May 2024 these include:

Patent granted: AU 2021221759, AU 2021226132, CN 202221747872.0

Patents pending: AU 2024201453, NZ pat. pend. 790949, KH pat app pend, CA 3169427, CN 2021800152110, EU 21760402.4, ID P00202210464, SG 11202251668J, ZA 2022/08644, US 17/802236, US 17/895446, VN 1-2022-05392

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