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A Womanifesto by Kath Ebbs

By The Bonds Team

We asked our friend, Sydney blogger/biz babe, Kath Ebbs, what joining the queendom means to her. Here is her womanifesto...

For so long woman have had to fight for our rights, suppressed ourselves in order to feel liberated and felt judged when wanting to fully express ourselves. Times are changing and we couldn’t be more ready. We are bold, we are beautiful and we are HERE.

When I read the phrase 'join the queendom' it ignites a fire inside of me. When referring to us women, the term queen to me represents someone who knows themselves and accepts that self as powerfully bold and beautiful. Now, thats not to say that we don’t all have stuff were dealing with - no one is a perfect person. But a queen doesn’t just brush her struggles away, she instead takes them, holds them, accepts them and most importantly loves them.

Kath Ebbs for Bonds Originals undies

Women supporting other women.

A tribe of females nurturing each others' dreams is what I would call a queendom. We are more powerful than ever and have the right to make our own choices, pave our own futures and feel liberated without the need to suppress who we are.

In my life I like to embody this idea of being a ‘Queen’ by allowing myself to stand on my own two feet and believing I can actually achieve what I want to in my life. Yes, I also have struggles and things I don’t like about myself but that does not make me any less of a person or force me to have a different perception of myself. I know who I am and although I have things I am working on - like we all are - I wouldn’t change who I am for the world. No society is going to tell me my dreams are unachievable, that I am not worthy, that I can’t do certain things because of my gender and that I can’t fight for the things I believe in.

I think EVERYONE should join the queendom no matter what gender or race you are. A society in which we all see everybody as equals and support each other is a beautiful and important thing.

Written by Kath Ebbs.

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