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At Home Activity: Love Notes
Posted in: community

How good are good feels? The kind of at-home fun we're digging right now is all about spreading the good feels, because making others feel awesome makes you feel awesome. It's been scientifically proven, probably. Sprinkling a little kindness doesn't have to involve lots of fanfare (although we are partial to a confetti cannon) it doesn't even have to cost cash-money, all it takes is a little creativity and some mega cute printables. 

Chantelle Ellem, or @fatmumslim as you may know her, has been busy creating some (FREE!) mood-boosting printables for you to share. Simply download by clicking the image or link, below, print, cut them out, scribble down your message and give them out. To your neighbour. To your mate. To yourself, because self-love.

Get the kids involved by adding their own imaginative drawings and extra special touches (cue: the glitter!) Pop them into letterboxes, school bags, in the post, or scatter them around the house for your family and the dog to find. The options are endless, and so are the fuzzy feels. Nawww!

Go forth, download your free printables and share the love... notes! 

Images courtesy of Chantelle Ellem @fatmumslim

4 years ago
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