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BKIND Resolutions for 2020
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2019 was truly the year we all turned our attention to the planet. Aussies all over the country worked on putting to bed a ton of bad habits and strived to make better choices for the sake of our future.

Now the start of a new decade is upon us and it’s the perfect time to consider where we can make even more positive changes.

Here at Bonds HQ, our team are working to improve our habits at work and at home, aiming to be kinder to each other, our community, and our world.

So, this December, instead of aiming to get a perfect beach bod or committing to a hobby we knew we wouldn’t still be doing in March, our staff have decided to set BKIND Resolutions for 2020.

Whether it’s focusing on being kinder to the community, the planet, the people in our lives, the products we consume, or towards ourselves (or all of those!) we wanted to share a few of our staff’s personal resolutions.

Our 2020 BKIND Resolutions…

I’ve introduced an extra bin at home for return to store plastic on top of the normal bin and kerbside recycling bin. – Dayani, Brand Manager

My New Year resolution is to get into a positive self-care routine through meditation and yoga. Self-care is a way of being rather than a way of doing. I am aiming for self-care to be a part of my foundations, rather than something that I only do when life goes astray. – Olivia, Customer Service  

Worry less about time and focus more on the minor details of my life. I would also love to volunteer and help people in need (soup kitchens, etc). - Zac, Customer Service

My 2020 goal is to be more mindful overall – in my thoughts, words, actions and consumption. It’s time to think and speak more carefully, act with intent, and consider if the things I purchase and make use of are things I want to put my money behind. – Gabrielle, Social Media

In 2020, I want to BKIND to our planet. My Keep Cup will be coming out more, as I move away from using plastic cups. During the weeks, I’ll be eating less takeaway, to avoid any excess plastic boxes. I’ll continue walking to work each day and use the car only where necessary. Our planet is our responsibility and I’m looking forward to making more incremental changes in my life that will hopefully contribute to its long-term health. - Harrison, Campaign & Project Coordinator

I’m resolving to swap to grey water safe detergents, so I can reduce water waste by directing the excess water to my garden. – Sarah, Customer Service

I want to discover more ways to de-stress and develop healthier routines! – Vanessa, Graphic Design

My BKIND resolution is to live life slowly which for me means being more meaningful in my interactions and in my consumption. I want to simplify my life and focus on what is really important to me, my community and the environment around me. (But really, all I want is for my tomato plants to survive the summer). – Gabriela, Customer Service 

My 2020 resolution is to spend some of my maternity leave volunteering and giving back to the community e.g. visiting local nursing homes. If someone is having a tough time, you can count on a bub to turn their frown upside down. – Jessica, Copywriter 

My BKIND resolution for next year is to give back to the community, I want to do more volunteer work and help out where I can. Hoping to find something food/cooking related to utilise my skills and share my love of food with others who may really need it. – Sana, Brand Manager

Beeswax wrap is the way to go in 2020.. no more foil/clingwrap! Additionally, if I forget my Keep Cup – no coffee allowed. Must bring Keep Cup on all photoshoots! - Megan, marketing Manager

I’m going to remove single use plastic from the kitchen – a good place to start! – Caitlin, Marketing Coordinator

As a team we have decided to keep our World Kindness Day jar so we can ensure we continue to celebrate kindness within the team. We also have committed to ensuring we continue to show our appreciation to others who make a difference to our day here and have kept some Thank You cards handy. – Danielle, Customer Service Manager

I’m going to try cycling to work a couple of days a week. Kinder to the planet and hopefully good for me too. – Sean, Design Manager

Want to share your 2020 BKIND Resolutions with us? Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram!

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