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How to BKind to yourself during pregnancy
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Pregnancy is a full-on time in a woman’s life. It’s full of excitement, change, anticipation, and every woman is faced with her own unique challenges during her pregnancy journey too. With so much to process, plan and juggle during pregnancy, we wanted to make being kind to yourself – and your budding bub – easy!

We sat down with gorgeous mumma of two, Margaux Follis of @thefrenchfolk fame, to get her top tips for looking after yourself during this special time.

Please note lovely readers: We conducted this interview pre-Covid19, so when you read ‘enjoy going to restaurants,’ just replace that with having your partner throw you a 3-course dinner in your dining room. Same goes for manis & pedis… A foot massage in the comfort of your own home will suffice right now. You get our drift! Put your feet up and enjoy the read.

Margaux Follis’ Tips for Being Kind to Yourself During Pregnancy

Once you’re pregnant, you want to make sure you make things right, enjoy pregnancy and give your baby a healthy environment. While pregnant for the first time I remember being a bit scared of the unknown and I was always seeking advice. I also think I wasn’t healthy as I'd like to be, so this time around I made the promise to myself I would do better and especially take care of myself a little more in many ways.

Here are five tips I would give to any future mums and pregnant women. Those are things I have done myself and really helped me going through this pregnancy smoothly.

Stay fit, exercise when you can

I know it is easy to say and a lot harder to do, but exercising during pregnancy will keep you fit. In my case (and I was still exercising few days before giving birth) I think it really did help. Labour was quick and I only had to push a few times to get my daughter out. If you are like me and have always been fit, maybe you’ll need to turn it down a little bit and always listen to your body, you don’t want to overdo it and put your baby at risk. I simply kept reducing the weights I was lifting and it allowed me to exercise until the end.

Eat healthy

You’ll need extra things when pregnant especially fibres, vitamins and good food to give you energy. We all have cravings, not always healthy ones and it is fine too. Also, even though morning sickness can make you want to skip breakfast, eating or drinking something straight away when you get out of bed can actually help. During my first trimester, I couldn’t eat solids for breakfast and I tried to make myself a shake instead with fruits, oats and whatever I was feeling like having. I ended up drinking this every morning for 9 months.

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Indulge yourself

Make sure you take some time for yourself during pregnancy, for your wellbeing but also because once baby is here you’ll find it hard to find time for certain things like pampering yourself or having a good night’s sleep. Make sure you sleep well before your bub arrives and recharge. Do some yoga, go for a pedicure or manicure, go to the spa, go to the restaurant with your friends, do some shopping just indulge yourself! (Note from Bonds: see our intro above for Covid19 friendly versions of this).

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Hormones are all over the place when pregnant and it is normal to be emotional and have ups and downs. We have a lot to deal with through pregnancy and even more when you already have kids. Running after a toddler drove me crazy so many times, I had no patience at all and always felt guilty but I always remembered I was pregnant and tried not to be too hard on myself.

Oh, one last tip

Buy comfy clothes and undies, during pregnancy it is all about comfort. Your body shape changes, you’ll start to feel the discomfort of your bump getting big and heavy, your boobs get bigger and sore. My go to was stretchy and oversized clothes and maternity underwear. “V” cut bikinis are the most comfortable with a bump and breastfeeding bras always bring extra support. Also, trust me, after birth, you’ll want to wear only extra comfy clothes and undies.

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