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BKIND to Yourself This Silly Season
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Christmas can be a stressful time. Your calendar is overflowing with events, the pressure of finding the perfect gift is getting to be too much, the kids are on a sugar high, there are holidays to plan and holiday meals to cook – it can be INTENSE!

This festive season we are paying extra attention to the things that really matter; time spent with loved ones and the chance to make memories with those who mean the most to us – after all, it’s the bonds that make the season.

We’re also committed to BKIND, especially when it comes to how we treat ourselves this Christmas. In the middle of seasonal stress, it’s important to prioritise ‘you time’ and act with kindness towards yourself.

To help out, we’ve brought together some of our favourite tips for staying stress-free this silly season…

• Make a list and check it twice

We’re taking inspiration from Mr Claus himself by getting prepared early. There’s a lot to be said for making a list of to-do’s and another of presents to buy.

If Christmas is at your place this year, make sure you draw up another for what each attendee needs to bring (that’s right, Xmas lunch is a team effort - don’t you dare try to do it all yourself!).

• Take time out for yourself

Whether you head to the beach or relax in front of a Christmas movie with a glass of wine, carving out ‘you time’ is essential this Christmas.

Burnout is not exactly festive, so instead of spending your Friday night wrapping the 48 presents you bought this week, pop on a face mask and your favourite podcast.

• Opt for some healthier Xmas treats (and move your body)

We’re not saying stick to carrot sticks on the big day, Christmas is all about over-indulging. However, there’s no need to do that all December.

Practice kindness to your body by feeding it well and moving it often, even if that’s by dancing in the living room to your favourite carols.

This way you’ll be feeling great all holiday season, which will more than make up for the bubbly and pavlova on Xmas day.

the bonds that make the season

• Spend time with your loved ones

It’s the bonds that make the season, but they often get forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

This festive season we challenge you to think about the special bonds in your life and invest time in them.Take part in the activities that bond you together or find new ones to take part in.

The Christmas cake won’t last, but the memories will, so make time for the bonds in your life.

• Treat yourself

Treating yourself is the perfect way to be kind to yourself this holiday season.

The kids have enough presents, chuck one for yourself into your cart (we’re sure you made it on the nice list this year).

Here’s some suggestions below…

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2 years ago