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We’ve got you covered. Bonds Face Masks are back! 
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Good news: our Protective Comfy Masks are back! These reusable personal masks are designed to keep you, and those around you, safe by slowing the spread of viruses. What’s so good about our masks, you may ask. Well, besides being super comfy and made from 100% Cotton, they offer a double layer of protection. The outer layer has been treated with HeiQ ViroBlock, which sounds super fancy because it is. HeiQ ViroBlock enhances the mask’s performance by increasing its barrier protection.

But wait there is more! The inner layer has been finished with X-Temp, our game-changing adaptive temperature technology, to help keep you cool, dry and comfortable when the mask is close to your face. 

Bonds Face masks

Our Protective Comfy Masks are also included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods 335413. They can assist in providing a barrier to reduce the chance of coughs and sneezes carrying and the virus spreading. Yes, please!
Each mask lasts up to 20 washes and don’t forget to fill out the mark-off card so you can keep track of how many times it has been worn and washed. Soft, elastic ear loops have been added for comfort.
Available online now, pick up a Protective Comfy Mask in either a single or three-pack. Stay covered, stay comfy. And remember: always read the instructions for use. 

4 years ago