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Bonds Overies undies
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Did you know that only 46% of women in Australia survive ovarian cancer?

Did you know that there is still no early detection test for this deadly disease?

This is why we continue to be SO passionate about supporting this cause through our Overies undies campaigns. With 100% of the profits donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA), and with World Ovarian Cancer Day fast on the approach (circle 8th May 2021 in your iCals, gang!) there’s never been a more urgent time to buy a pair and turn Australia teal!

This year, we’ve joined powerful forces with Jockey and Bras ‘n’ Things to help spread the word even further. We’ve also teamed up again with a few of our fit-loving friends, Laura Henshaw, Steph Claire Smith, and Danny Kennedy, to help keep the message in the forefronts of people’s minds and hearts. We recently spoke to the trio about what their roles as OCA ambassadors means to them.

What is your involvement with Ovarian Cancer Australia?

Laura & Steph: We are so grateful to be a part of the campaign for the second year running. We hope that anyone we didn’t reach the first time around will hear us this time and become aware. We truly believe that once you hear the shocking statistics, you’ll realise buying a new pair of undies is the easiest thing you can do to help.

Danny: I've continued to learn about ovarian cancer and the impact that campaigns like this can have on the future of diagnosis and hopefully treatment. 

What’s one thing you think more people need to know about ovarian cancer?

Laura & Steph: Ovarian cancer receives less than 25% of the funding of other, less deadly, cancers and it affects so many women in Australia. All you have to do to show your support is purchase one of the fabulous undies from this year’s campaign. 

Danny: The message I'd love to share is that we just need to continue bringing more light and awareness to the issue and also supporting those who have unfortunately been diagnosed and the people closest to them. 

What is something that you wish people knew about ovarian cancer?

Laura & Steph: There is no early detection test, and a pap smear is not a test for ovarian cancer. Like so many other women, we thought this was the case. The symptoms are things we experience as women so often (bloating and fatigue), which is really scary. 

Danny: I wish more people knew there are barely any early warning signs/symptoms and early detection, meaning that often it's too late.

How will you be spending World Ovarian Cancer Day on 8th May 2021?

Laura & Steph: We will be doing a Keep it Cleaner Pilates class live on the KIC Instagram account. We will proudly be wearing our Ovaries undies over our workout tights, and be moving together for an important cause.

Danny: I'll be pumping out as much content as I can to spread the word and hopefully encouraging as many of my followers as I possibly can to purchase their pair of Ovaries!

Help support women with Australia’s most deadly female cancer. Buy a pair of women’s and men’s Overies undies from Bonds, and 100% of the profits will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia. You can also donate directly via their website.


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