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Q&A with Cody Simpson, singer-songwriter and face of the new Organics range
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To help us launch our brand new GOTS certified Organics underwear range, we’ve enlisted the help of the uber talented and dynamic singer-songwriter and sustainability advocate, Cody Simpson!

Not only is the Aussie musician making global headlines for his latest music and winning season one of the smash hit TV show The Masked Singer (and ok, dating one of the famous people in the world right now, Miley Cyrus), but he’s using his huge influence and platform to call his peers to action on the environment and sustainability.

Today we talk to the famous Aussie musician about his fight for the environment, his music and why he’s proud to be the face of our latest range, BONDS Organics.

What ignited your passion and activism for the environment?

Growing up in a coastal community surrounded by nature, I always felt a kinship with it and have felt from a young age as though it was my duty to protect it, and to inspire others to. Over the course of my life seeing the state of nature worsen and deteriorate in front of my eyes only fuels my passion to keep doing the work I am doing.

What’s your favourite way to get in touch with nature?

Surfing, and meditation in natural environments.

In your opinion, what’s the most urgent issue facing the environment right now?

The warming and polluting of the earth & air— this affects and disrupts the natural and harmonious balance of the planet. Everything gets thrown off its axis. Seas will rise, ecosystems deteriorate, food supplies plummet, natural disasters worsen, and the air becomes dangerous and unhealthy. It is all connected.

Why is wearing organic clothing important to you?

Whenever I can I find sustainable fashion important just as I find sustainable eating important, or sustainable living in general. When I can make choices in what I wear that do the planet less harm, it feels better.

Why are you proud to be the face of the Bonds Organics campaign?

Supporting sustainable and eco-friendly fashion and hopefully inspiring others to wear it, also makes me proud to be doing my part as an environmentalist in yet another aspect of my life! Stoked that Bonds is making the change!

What’s your go to Bonds items?

I love Bonds Chestys, I wear them all the time. And of course, the trusty undies.

What’s a small daily change people can do to make a positive impact on the environment?

Reusable items, such as water bottles, packing your own lunch. Not using any single-use or plastic items. Giving up reliance on the coal industry, by driving an electric car or taking your bicycle. And consuming less meat and dairy products.

How do your music and environmental endeavours collide to benefit one another?

I tend to weave environmental messages throughout the fabric of my music and poetry. Music is an invaluable way of spreading awareness about a specific thing. For me, environmentalism is a prominent topic in my work.

Image: Organics ambassadors Paloma Elsesser (left) and Ruby Campbell (middle). Check out interviews with Paloma and Ruby here

What are your tips for being a responsible consumer of fashion?

Vintage, vintage, vintage!

What’s next for Cody Simpson?

My debut collection of poetry and prose: PRINCE NEPTUNE, comes out April 7. It’s my first official collection of words. Also I’m preparing my next musical project as I write this!

What would you like to be remembered for?

I’d like to be remembered as a man who tried. A man who made a great effort to reach his fullest potential in all facets of life and tried to help others along the way.

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2 years ago