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Meet Paloma Elsesser – force to be reckoned with and face of BONDS Organics
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Starring alongside Cody Simpson as the face of our new GOTS certified BONDS Organics underwear range is none other than model and outspoken voice for social and environmental change, Paloma Elsesser. Embraced not only for her striking beauty but for using her platform for good, Paloma talks with us today about body positivity, how she’s reducing her environmental impact and why she can’t get enough of the new Organics range!

Why are you proud to be the face of the Bonds Organics campaign?

I'm proud to be the face of this Bonds Organics campaign because it speaks to sustainability head on in a way that I believe all major companies should be doing. It's responsible and accountable and it makes me excited to see brands pivot into an honest approach to manufacturing. It’s an added plus that the underwear are really nice!

What’s your favourite piece from the range?

The high waisted underwear!

How do you think the modelling industry has changed from the time you started out until now?

The modelling industry has changed in that it reflects different facets of identities within modelling. Not just from size, ethnicity, or gender but age, experience, and personalities. I think the formula to "success" in the modelling agency has changed, because there isn't one anymore.

How would you describe yourself in a sentence or two?

I would say I'm honest, to a fault, and pride myself on connecting with others.

How do you hope to lower your personal environmental impact in 2020?

I have lowered my personal environmental impact by being overtly conscious in my daily life of my use of non-sustainable things. I rarely use single use plastic and shop thoughtfully about what clothes I buy.

You’re known for keeping it real. When do you feel like you’re your most authentic you? I feel my most authentic self when I'm traveling the world with my friends.

You’re an advocate for body positivity. What would you to say to anyone struggling with body confidence issues right now?

I would say that it's a journey--- there is no beginning, middle, and end. At times, you will feel at the beginning and the next at the end. My hope is to remain in the middle, always teachable and evolving. Our bodies are simply a vessel and however we can figure out ways to be kinder to it, the better.

Image: Organics ambassador Cody Simpson (right). Check out our interview with Cody here

What would you like to be remembered for?

Being fearless and thoughtful.

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3 years ago