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Get to Know Ruby Campbell, NYC Based Aussie Model and BONDS Organics Ambassador
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Image: Ruby Campbell, Organics Ambassador (middle). 

NYC based, Aussie model Ruby Campbell is on board to help us spread the word about our GOTS certified Organics range. She gives us a glimpse into her glam NYC lifestyle and explains the steps she takes every day to live a cleaner, greener life while living in the Big Apple. Plus, why she find out which Organics piece she loves most! Over to you, Ruby…

Why are you proud to be a face of the Bonds Organics campaign?

I think it’s really great to be a part of the change of more eco-friendly and comfy materials that companies like Bonds are using. I grew up wearing Bonds so to be a face of this campaign , is really amazing.

What’s your favourite piece from the range?

The yellow high waist bra and underwear set.

How have you seen the fashion industry evolve during the course of your career so far?

I’ve seen more diversity, more social media presence and more sustainability focused topics discussed, involving fashion brands.

What’s the most exciting thing about living in New York?

As soon as I walk out my door, there’s a day of so many possibilities!

Do you try to get out of the NYC hustle and bustle often to be at one with nature?

Yes, I try as often as I can. I feel better when I do.

What’s something you do on the regular to reduce your environmental footprint?

• Cutting time of shower use

• Using reusable grocery shopping bags

• Turning off electricity switches, lights and appliances off when I don’t need to use them.

Image: Organics ambassador Cody Simpson. Check out our interview with Cody here

Bonds is a staple in most Aussie’s wardrobes. Do you remember kicking around in Bonds as a kid?

Yes! Bonds everything!

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2 years ago