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Q&A with Gro-To Founder, Zoë Foster Blake
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Zoë Foster Blake is certainly no stranger to Bonds (check out her starring role in our Bonds Sport 2016 campaign alongside husbo, Hamish here). She's even less of a stranger to parenthood, which is why in the lead-up to Mother's Day, we couldn't resist the chance to catch-up with our fave funny mumma (funma?) and beauty guru (side note: she recently launched Gro-To, her new skincare line for the littlies). Good times! 

You are a force of nature; how do you take time out?

I’m lucky that my work ebbs and flows. Some months are wildly busy and public, but some I can just hide away and write and work on new products and be with kids and my husband. It balances out. During busy times I prioritise sleep, and ‘introvert’ nights on the couch with my husband watching good TV or reading. That recharges me.

What's your go-to (ha! see what we did there) ensemble when hanging out at home?

I wear what I call my ‘soft clothes.’ I remove shoes, bra, watch, big earrings and anything even remotely restrictive. I usually land on tracksuit pants, crop top, and a jumper or tee.

What’s your current preferred self-care treat?

A nap. Always a nap. Or a walk in nature. Or having a massage therapist come over to the house at 8pm once the kids are asleep. (Mobile masseuses are delivery self-care. Can’t advocate enough.)

Zoe Foster Blake Gro-To

Did your self-care rituals change when you were pregnant?

I call my first pregnancy my Princess Pregnancy: I had lots of massages, and all the naps, and cute little getaways with my husband. Second time around, pilates and osteo was my self-care, I needed my body to work, and had a toddler and a business to look after.

Being a mum can be tough. Do you have parenting pearls of wisdom you can share?

My mum taught me to accept help with grace, and while I still struggle with asking, I’m getting better. Life can’t be give, give, give, up, up, up all the time! Down time and accepting help are important. When I prioritise sleep, all the facets of my life improve. I’m a better mother and wife, and more efficient and creative professionally. Self-care (whatever that is for you: for me it’s my husband, chocolate and TV, sleep, no-plan-Sundays) is one way to mitigate the damage.

You’ve spoken a fair bit about being in the here and now, do you think that helps you as a mum?

Without a doubt. Could I improve at it? Absolutely. Are my children growing up too fast and do I feel like I’m watching it woosh by? Yes. But I’m learning to accept that my life is big and busy, and that’s okay. Being focused on the kids when I am with them is key, and I find something like an outing, or bike ride or day trip is the best way to ensure I’m present. (Or in English: off my phone/email.)

What’s your favourite part about motherhood?

My kids! Being their chaperone, and their audience, in particular. They’re so funny; their brains work in such wild ways. I can’t believe we get to hang out with these fun little flatmates every day.

And what’s the most challenging part?

My kids! Their endless energy and emotional turbulence can be very trying some days. Before kids I was a hermit/writer who could sit for 8 hours straight in my own world writing a book. Now I’m a playground aficionado, activities coordinator and CEO of snacks.

What’s the funniest thing your kids have done this week?

My kids share a room and my son has developed a habit of coming downstairs after lights out to ask for more food or a cuddle. When his sister asked where he was going, he said he was going to a ‘work party but don’t worry, it won’t be fun.’ Oh, I laughed.

What’s next for Gro-To?

We have a very useful product in development, which is something I definitely wish existed in our house. It should help with toilet training, I hope.

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