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Behind the Design of Wondercool: Interview with Bonds Baby Head Designer
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For what might look like simple (and super cute!) baby clothing, our new Wondercool range actually has a bunch of hidden benefits and modern innovation that makes life a whole lot easier, comfier and snoozier for you and your bub.

From adaptive cooling fabric to mesh air cuffs that improve airflow and breathability, and a super sleek two-way zip for easy nappy changes - Wondercool is your wingman for a better night’s sleep.

BONDS Wondercool, the ONLY baby clothing approved by Red Rose for safer sleep.

Taking us behind the seams of this game-changing new baby range is Phoebe Rofail, Head Designer for Bonds Kids & Baby, answering all our questions about what makes Wondercool, well, so wonderful and cool. 

Q. What inspired you to develop and design the Wondercool range?

We are always looking for ways to elevate our current products and to make life easier for parents and comfy for babies. Our Wondercool technology reacts to body temperature and sweat levels to help keep bubs at a comfy temp, which has enabled us to help combat one of parents’ biggest concerns – overheated and unhappy babies.

Q. Are there mums and dads on the design team that help steer the design direction?

Yes, we have a number of mums in the design team, so we know from first-hand experience what features are needed in baby garments. We also wear, trial and fit product during development with a number of mums and dads to make sure we have the best fits and most practical details on our products.

Q. What features will help babies have a safer and better sleep?

The Wondercool technology enables babies to stay cool and comfortable through an adaptive cooling feature. Babies sweat less, generating more heat than adults, which reduces their ability to cool down. Normal clothing interferes with the natural bodily process of evaporative cooling. Wondercool, however, imitates the natural process and works to actively cool skin temp as the body starts to heat up. Working with Red Nose, we have learnt that SIDS is often related to overheating while sleeping, so by wearing Bonds Wondercool parents can reduce the risk of overheating.

Q. Should my bub only wear this product while sleeping? Or is it designed for play too?

Our babywear is designed to be practical, so it’s great for both sleeping and playing.

Q. Is Wondercool designed to be worn in warm weather only?

No, one of the great things about Wondercool is that it has adaptive cooling fabric, which means it only helps keep skin cool when it’s needed most.

Q. What’s the difference between the mesh fabric and non-mesh fabric products? How I do know which one is best for my bub?

Both fabrics use the Wondercool adaptive cooling technology, but the mesh fabric allows more breathability so will perform better in hotter conditions. Both fabrics have 4-way Aussie Cotton stretch for comfort and durability, so both are great options. I would suggest using a mix of the two depending on the child and the room temperature. Our climate is so crazy at the moment, some days are 40 degrees and the next day it’s 20 - so it’s good to have options!

Q. How does this range make life easier for parents?

The Wondercool range also has all the loved features of our products like a 2-way zip for easy nappy changes and new ‘air cuff’ cosy cuffs on feet and hands where we have used the mesh fabric for breathability.

Q. The colours are really gorgeous, muted, earthy tones. Is there a reason you chose this colour palette?

Yes, we were really keen to give this range a fresh new feeling. We chose a fresh salt-washed colour palette with a minimal print look and feel to evoke casual comfort.

Q. Is this product made with sustainability in mind?

We are always striving to do better in this space, so for this range we have used home grown Aussie Cotton in our fabric and always manufacture our products with a kind lens ensuring we follow high standards for ethical and safe manufacturing.

The entire Wondercool range is available here. 

3 years ago