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It feels good to BKIND. That's why we're weaving in kind all over the place. So pull on a pair of Bonds and feel comfy knowing you're supporting a brand with its heart - and its stitching - in the right place.

It feels good to BKIND. That's why we're weaving in kind all over the place. We’re doing this for our products, the planet, the community, and the people in them. After all, kindness isn't something you should half arse, you have to whole arse it. So pull on a pair of Bonds and feel comfy knowing you're supporting a brand with its heart - and its stitching - in the right place.

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Jesikah Bennett on Curvy Confidence

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By The Bonds Team

You might recognise those baby blues from her piercing performance in our new campaign, Join the Queendom. Jesikah Bennett, plus-size model and all-round beautiful human talks to us about the fashion industry, the female form and finding yourself in it all.

How did you feel being the opening star of the film?

It was such an honour to be the opener of what is going to be such an iconic commercial not only for Bonds but all underwear campaigns! Bonds is taking huge steps in showcasing the beautiful diversity of women and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.

Jesikah Bennett for Bonds

Was this your first underwear campaign? Did you enjoy it?

Yes it was my first underwear campaign; it was so much fun - the entire team were fantastic and Bonds is a brand I’ve wanted to work with for a long time!

When did you first start modelling? What drew you to it?

I first started modelling when I finished high school, when I was 18. Previously, I had done a bit of acting and was always drawn to the industry. I adore fashion and photography, I love seeing the whole concept of a shoot come together.

What’s your take on the fashion industry and the current attitudes towards body positivity?

The fashion industry is forever changing; being in a new era of social media and online influencers, it gives a lot of room for all different types of people to help set the ‘trends’. We’re seeing less of the classic, (but still beautiful) 5’10 lean models and more diversity. Body positivity is becoming popular and the brands that are showing this are being praised. The industry still has some growing to do - but the progress being made is great!

Do you think tides are turning for the better?

For the most part - yes! It was only 50 years ago that the first African American woman was on the cover of a magazine, now we regularly see all different skin tones, shapes and sizes in magazines and ads. Imagine what it will be like in another 50 years.

What three words come to mind when you think female form?

Beautiful, unique, natural.

You’ve spoken about struggling with self-confidence before. What has that journey been like?

My journey to self-confidence, I used to think, started with my physical body. I thought in order to be confident I have to look a certain way or fit what I used to think was ‘ideal beauty’. I honestly didn’t like myself very much, it was quite a difficult time in my life until I discovered the real journey to good health and self-confidence starts with the mind. How was I ever going to be confident or self-loving if I didn’t love myself at every stage of life? Once I begun to learn how to be happy with myself and appreciate my body for everything it allowed me to do, I started to love myself and with that came the self-confidence.

Do you think the women that you surround yourself with have a part to play in that too?

Yes! It’s very important to have friends and family that support you in having a good life and making healthy choices, that encourage you on your body positivity journey and remind you that you are beautiful on the inside and out. It’s also really important that they are interested healthy body and mind habits too, that way you can all support each other.

What are your go-to confidence boosters?

Self-affirmations are a powerful tool, write things down that you love about yourself or appreciate about your body. Look in the mirror and don’t focus on what you may think are the negatives but focus on all the wonderful positives! Gaining an understanding that you are beautiful and unique, no one can take that away from you. 

You got one of the best sneak previews into the new Originals range. What cut and colours are you loving?

I am obsessed with what I wore in the commercial. The Triangle Crop was super comfortable and supportive - even with having a bigger chest. I also loved the nude-coloured Hi Top undie, Jess Purchase got to wear.

Explore the full Originals range here. Or check out Jesikah's Instagram

Image illustrated by @ailiebanks

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