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Local's Guide: Wattamolla to Curracurrong Falls by Alfie Gledhill
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To help celebrate the launch of our Bonds Explorer range, we asked a few of our favourite Insta-travellers to pen a local's guide, featuring a few of their must-visit places. For our latest Local's Guide, Alfie Gledhill leads us on a coastal walk from Wattamolla to Eagle Rock / Curracurrong Falls in NSW. 

Over the last ten years of living in Sydney, I've spent most of my limited free time getting out of the city to explore as much of NSW as possible. Whether it be a weekend away or a day trip, I always try to pack as much as I can into that adventure. One hike that I always find myself revisiting is the coastal walk from Wattamolla to Eagle Rock/Curracurrong Falls in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney.

There are plenty of great waterfalls in and around Sydney, but none quite like Curracurrong. This spectacular waterfall cascades from the cliffs, emptying straight into the ocean. Of the many hikes in the park, the Wattamolla to Eagle Rock is probably one of the easier hikes. There is a little bit of bush walking involved, walking across some cliffs, and skipping across a creek, but apart from that the majority of the trail is via a solid board walk.

My two hot tips for this hike are:

1. Do it during whale season: There are plenty of open vantage points to look out to sea and catch a breach or tail.

2. Do it after decent rainfall: There is nothing more amazing thhan seeing a waterfall in full flow. If there's enough rain, you might even be lucky to catch three in the same spot. 

Getting There:

The drive south from Sydney to Wattamolla is about an hour via the Princes Hwy. You’ll find plenty of parking when you get there. Be aware though, weekends get super busy, so plan accordingly. Sunrise is my favourite time to set out. 

Where to start:

Kickstart the hike east from the carpark across a grass clearing till you find the signposted walk Providential Point Lookout. The trail starts along the boardwalk, before climbing gradually up towards the cliff for some beautiful ocean views at the Providential Point Lookout. There are so many view points across this hike for ocean views and potential whale watching.

Continuing on you’ll find the Coast Track which takes you past Curracurrong Cove and creek crossing, on route to Eagle Rock and Curracurrong Falls. It takes you along the coastline with the ocean to your left, and bush to your right, at times the boardwalk disappears and you do find yourself venturing over cliffs, don’t fret... the track is clearly marked.

Eventually you’ll find yourself at Curracurrong Falls. As you make your way towards the mouth of the creek heading towards the cliffs you’ll notice a large area of flat rock to your left, about 100 meters off the track. This is Eagle Rock, though you can’t actually make out the face of the eagle unless you continue to follow the track around to the mouth of the falls. Before you do so, stop and take in the sight of the Curracurrong waterfalls. 

After taking some snaps of the falls, follow the boardwalk around to the south side of Curracurrong creek/falls. There you will not only find a nice open area under a big rock ledge to set up lunch and relax, but you’ll also find the best view of Eagle Rock. As an added bonus: if you decide not to stop and have a swim in Curracurrong Cove, then have a look just off the track near the mouth of the main falls. You’ll find a little waterfall that's perfect for a refreshing shower/dip.

Now, after you've taken it all in, head back the way you came and finish the adventure by jumping in at Wattamolla beach to cool off before the drive back home.

Written by Alfie Gledhill.

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