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By The Bonds Team

Ahhh... the Nineties. A time of Sex and the City, cargo pants and boy bands. It was also a time of questionable underwear trends like sausage-stuffing shapewear, yikes! We caught up with Anna Burgess, the face behind our new Comfytails 'Uncomfytales' series, to find out what she misses (and doesn't miss) the most about the decade who brought us the pearl thong...

[embed][/embed] What was your favourite part of the Nineties? I was obsessed with the Nineties supermodels. OBSESSED! My school diaries were covered in pictures of Kelly Slater the surfer, Leunig drawings, puppies and supermodels. An odd but perfect combo. What do you hope never makes a comeback from the Nineties? I'd hoped that most of the Nineties fashion trends would never see the light of day again but alas, there I was the other day eyeing off a velvet choker in a shop. "Step away from your teenage self, Anna Burgess," I told myself.

What do you hope does make a comeback from the Nineties? I love a good ol' Britney Spears comeback. She's had a few. I do think she's got the talent and no one can wear underwear over a pair of pants, or a yellow snake, quite like she can.

What do you miss most about the Nineties? I loved how totally acceptable it was to be obsessed with "The Fairy Shop" well into my late teens. I wore glitter, had fairy head dresses and I had a pink sparkly wand. The fairy thing was quite the fad. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn't but I believed it was. Maybe that's what I miss about the Nineties, I was still in my teens and didn't really care what was cool.

What's your uncomfytale? My uncomfytale - I'm sorry to say – is a case of life imitating art. This ad is very familiar. Only I didn't flush it, I stashed it. Mine was bright blue though and I thought it was amazing until it came to wearing the thing. Oh, the memories. Life has definitely gotten better, as have my choices in underwear!

[embed][/embed] What do you love most about the Comfytails range? I love the way this range makes my body feel. The fabrics are so soft but you feel so supported in them at the same time. I love that the black seamfree bra can be worn to bed, yoga, or under a T- shirt. It feels so comfy but I still feel so womanly in it too. As for the Comfytails I wore on the day of the shoot, there are no other undies that make me feel as comfortable as I did whilst having my derrière on show for national television.

What have been some of your least favourite underwear trends? Anything with pearls or sharp details in complicated, fussy fabrics that don't have a purpose - except for me to worry about where they might be by the end of the day!

What does being comfy mean to you? Being comfy means feeling content and centred and knowing who you are. Which for me translates to looking and feeling strong, sexy and your truest self.

What things do you like to do to feel comfier? I think you always feel comfier when you've worked for it. Like after a long shoot day on set, when you slide into your sneakers and jeans and drive home with your favourite tunes on. Also there's nothing better than a beautiful day down the coast, a big bike ride, a swim in the ocean then a shower at home with a coconut scrub and curling up on the couch with a movie. Now that's comfort.

[embed][/embed]  Full brief or Bikini brief? Bikini brief.

Sex and the City or Friends? Sex and the City.

Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place? Beverly Hills 90210.

Mariah or Whitney? Whitney.

Backstreet Boys or N'Sync? Backstreet Boys.

Pizza Shapes or BBQ Shapes? BBQ Shapes.

Chicken or Cheese Twisties? Chicken Twisties.

Neighbours or Home and Away? Home & Away.

Cosmopolitan or CLEO magazine? CLEO.

Savage Garden or Silverchair? Silverchair.

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