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Q&A with our Xmas Ad Stars: Damien & Brendan

By The Bonds Team

You might recognise these guys from making everyone that watched our latest Christmas campaign collectively ‘awww'. Brendan and Damien, a real-life couple, sat down with us to talk travel, secret talents and real relationship goals.

Boys, welcome! And can we just say a big thank you for flying all the way back to be in the Bonds film. When you’re not off wandering about the world, what do you like to do?

D: Definitely getting out in nature. I also really like music and arts.

B: Hmm ponder the countries I'd like to visit, and spend time in nature. Our typical date would be camping by a waterfall or beach in the van by the campfire.

You were beyond cute on set so we know you're the real deal. How did you two meet?

D: We were working at the same festival, me as a performer, and Brendy as a massage therapist. He saw me perform, and I also booked in for a massage with him. It was really easy to enjoy each others company.

B: I was watching Damian perform on stage and his movement captivated me.. from then on we have been intertwined.

What?! Incredible. Any other secret talents we should know about?

D: Predominately, I'm a contemporary dancer. Brendy is an amazing massage therapist. He has healing hands. I do like to handstand, I’ve been teaching him and he’s been getting really good!

What did you think when Bonds came a’knocking (figuratively speaking)?

D: I had gotten quite sick in India, and Brendy was in Morocco. I honestly thought it came at the right time.

Bonds Christmas campaign Damien and Brendan

Was it fun to be cast together?

D: It was a funny environment to be in together. Definitely something to remember. Very different from the camp trips we do haha. Always good to spice things up.

B: Definitely a new world to explore together, we tend to explore many different worlds together.

#relationshipgoals! What would you say your real ones are?

D: Well, since a goal is something in the future, I would have to say my goal is to continue growing as individuals, and finding the most happiness possible.

B: To continue supporting each other in our own individual endeavours. so important to stay true to yourself so a relationship can flourish.

Are you spending Chrissy together this year? What does it look like?

D: Yes! I have a large family christmas which is always fun-filled. It mostly involves sharing food with the people you love.

If you could surprise each other with any Bonds prezzie - what would it be?

D: Maybe some leggings? it would have to be something earthy-coloured.

B: Maybe some new bamboo Bonds seamless underwear.

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