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By The Bonds Team

What’s it like to be part of the Foster Blake family juggernaut? Or to find yourself the subject of #couplegoals across the social sphere with a baby son who is already an Instagram sensation? We caught up with one half of our Bonds Sport ambassador duo, Zoe Foster Blake, to talk all things parenthood, pilates and ‘park crawls.’


This is the first campaign you've shot with Hamish - what was the vibe on set like?

Fun! I felt so at ease and confident having my best mate and number one cheerleader there. He’s such a pro in front of the camera, I very much took his lead. Plus, we had the absolute dream team in terms of crew and creative direction. We signed on because the concept was fun, and we got to be ourselves and just be silly buggers, and the shoot was very true to that.


Do you and Hamish work out together? Is that something you would ever consider?

For sure, we used to all the time, before we had a child. There was this functionality boot camp thing we’d go to and get smashed to the point where I’d almost want to vom…  then we’d have a big breakfast to quickly put all the calories back in. Phew! Now we're parents time is a lot tighter, so we have to tag team when it comes to classes/exercise. Plus, I am more of a pilates/walk girl than bootcamp champ nowadays.

What have you learnt about your body since becoming a mother?

It’s incredible and a bit magic: it made and birthed and fed a human. I had some problems with my hips/pubis/pelvis during pregnancy and still even now get pain there, but I have a healthy son, I had a fantastic birth and was able to breastfeed with ease, and I’m grateful for that. My attitude to exercise has had to shift, though: I used to be a big runner and bootcamper, I loved that deeply exhaustive sweaty stuff, but I’ve chilled out a lot, and just want my body to be strong, genuinely strong, and flexible, and able. Pilates has been my saviour. And osteopathy.


Do you fall into the camp of wearing activewear as casualwear?

Definitely. Not so much leggings as pants (though after a class they may stay on while I run errands), but more hoodies and bombers and trainers and trackies.

What are the five healthy foods you eat each day, why?

Berries – low in sugar and full of antioxidants.

Greens – kale, spinach, broccoli, etc, because your body needs greens. Sautéed with my eggs, usually.

Black coffee – It’s good for my brain and I friggen love it.

Fish or chicken – for protein, obviously.

(Just barely) dark chocolate – for delight and taste, obviously.


Can you share any workout beauty tips?

Pin your hair up high and loose before working out, that will save you a lot of sweat. Then use dry shampoo and some hot air (even from a hand dryer) post-workout. Always wear sun protection when outdoors. If you want some coverage, just use concealer where you need it, or some BB or CC cream or tinted moisturiser. Mascara and filling in your brows will make you look ‘done’ without clogging or annoying the skin.

What’s your workout mantra?

Do it for a) strength and flexibility or b) do it for your brain and heart. Which means it usually comes down to reformer pilates or barre a few times a week, and lots of walking.

What kind of exercise do you do on weekends?

We tend to go for family bike rides or big walks on Sundays, and Saturdays I will usually take Sonny for a massive ‘park crawl’ where we walk and walk and visit a few playgrounds in a row. Then stop for croissants and coffee because balance.



Watch this hilarious behind-the-scenes video of Hamish and Zoe taking turns answering rapid-fire questions within 60 seconds. Giggles guaranteed!


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