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Q&A with Parade of Lights!

By The Bonds Team

By now, you might have seen our Shine Bright TV campaign - featuring the super catchy track 'Golden' by Parade of Lights. We sat down with Ryan Daly, Parade of Lights' lead singer/guitarist and co-songwriter/co-producer (duties he shares with the band's drummer Anthony Improgo), to find out more about the band and their plans for Christmas! Check it out below...


Image by Brantley Gutierrez.

When did you start playing?

I started playing guitar when I was 9. My dad is a songwriter so he always had instruments around. I also grew up with a piano in the house, so I'd been casually toying with that since I could walk.

What was the first song you ever learned?

One of my dad's original songs, called "I Feel Like I Know You". It was only three chords, but they were bar chords so it took my 9 year-old hands a while to build up enough dexterity to be able to play them well.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Many different places. It could come from a personal experience, a night out - even a great movie.

Which musicians do you admire?

Too many to list. Anyone that's truly genuine about what they do and consistently releases great music.


Image by Kathryna Hancock.

Our new Shine Bright campaign is all about celebrating the joy of Christmas. Tell us, how do you celebrate the holiday season?

For me, spending time with family is always the most rewarding thing to do during the holidays. We get together and have parties or sit down for a big dinner - it's always an epic event.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Oh no, this is a terrible question to ask me. It's a ton of audio gear that no one in their right mind would ever purchase for me due to its outrageous price tag. 

What’s up next for you?

We just finished our debut full-length album which will be released in early 2015. We're taking it easy over the holidays, but 2015 will be a year filled with promoting this record and touring. Keep an eye out for us.



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