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Re-Loved Collab: Anita Vandyke & Labyrinth of Collages

By The Bonds Team

To celebrate the launch of Re-Loved, our first range of recycled sweats and tees, we teamed up some of our favourite sustainably-minded influencers and artists to create bespoke collages that pay homage to the range. For this collaboration, we paired Anita Vandyke of @rocket_science with @labryrinthofcollages

The Influencer: Meet Anita

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My zero waste lifestyle started when I was 26, and was going through a 'quarter-life' crisis, I had climbed up the corporate ladder and was a successful Engineering Manager, however despite the monetary success I was not truly happy. I was stagnating in my personal growth and I realised I needed to align to my core values. I turned towards minimalism and zero waste living from people such as The Minimalists and Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home.

What fuels you to get out of bed each morning?

Zero waste living means reducing your waste, but also not wasting your life away. Plastic is Mother Nature’s non-renewable resource, and time is ours. Let’s not waste either one.

What environmental concerns are on the top of your list?

My Instagram account (@rocket_science) started as just a visual diary of the changes I was making to transition towards a zero waste life. I was struck by the damage that plastic pollution was having in our oceans and I felt overwhelmed with scary climate change statistics. The easiest place was to start with my home, by starting small, I finally felt in control of these seemingly ‘out-of-control’ issues.

What’s it been like to collaborate on the Bonds Re-Loved campaign?

I am so proud of how far the fashion industry has come. I loved that Bonds is incorporating recycled textiles into their clothing line. We, as consumers, need to support brands such as Bonds who are leading the way in eco-fashion!

What is your favourite piece from the Re-Loved range, and why?

My favourite piece are their T-shirts, they are a durable wardrobe staple. 

What are some of your favourite ways to re-use, reduce or recycle?

I have three easy ‘quick wins’:

1. Replace your disposables with reusables. Items such as paper napkins, plastic grocery bags, disposable coffee cups can be replaced with cloth napkins, reusable cloth grocery bags and Keep Cups (reusable coffee cups).

2. Make secondhand your first choice whenever you need to buy something, try to see if you can buy it secondhand first. Look at designer consignment stores, try eBay, get a tailor to alter your clothes - make a good effort to try to buy secondhand before buying new.

3. Head outside and enjoy doing activities such as hiking, swimming or simply just sitting still and being with nature. By enjoying the the outdoors and seeing how amazing Mother Nature is, I have come to appreciate that every step (no matter how small) is important in helping our planet.

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