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Re-Loved Collab: Elyse Lauthier & Labyrinth of Collages

By The Bonds Team

To celebrate the launch of Re-Loved, our first range of recycled sweats and tees, we teamed up some of our favourite sustainably-minded influencers and artists to create bespoke collages that pay homage to the range. For this collaboration, we paired @elyselauthier with @labryrinthofcollages

The Influencer: Meet Elyse

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up with a strong natural tendency toward nature and the outdoors, so sustainable environmental practices to me are the only way to live. As an influencer, I share what I’m most passionate about and stay true to myself, which inspires those who aren’t yet aware and aligns with those who are already on that path.

Name three things that inspire, excite and scare you.

The ocean, for sure. The idea of staying in my comfort zone.. heck, it's comfortable but it gets me nowhere. Third would be love, as cliche as that sounds. 

What is it about waste that worries you?

The way that it decomposes or worse yet, doesn’t decompose. How it just sits there and becomes landfill, literally creating piles upon piles on our beautiful earth. Most of the things we use for a short minute of convenience will literally be on this earth in tact for thousands of years to come. 

What’s it been like to collaborate on the Bonds Re-Loved campaign?

I love that such a huge and influential brand like Bonds is making the move toward ethical and sustainable fashion! It's amazing.

What is your favourite piece from the Re-Loved range, and why?

The Crew Tee, it's sooo simple, cruisey yet cute. I can literally wear it to bed, to yoga, or with a cute pair of denim shorts.

What are some of your favourite ways to re-use, reduce or recycle?

Metal straws and re-useable cutlery, I literally take mine everywhere. Also, when I buy something in plastic, I'll try to reuse that. For example, I might buy yoghurt that comes in a plastic tub, then I'll reuse that tub to take on-the-go lunches, or to salad/hot bars to fill up on food rather than grab one of their containers. 

The Artist: Meet Paria of Labyrinth of Collages

How did you get into art? 

I was about 16 years old when I started making collages and exploring more of my creative side. I never thought I’d be making a career from being creative since I always thought of myself as the complete opposite.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic has shifted from being insanely busy and edgy or bright and colourful to whatever it is now. I think it always changes depending on my mood, or what I personally like at the moment. One thing that has remained the same is that there must be glitter in my collages!

What sources do you regularly turn to for inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are my ‘muses’- women who are doing amazing things whether it’s business women I strive to be like or raising voices for important issues going on in the world, as well fashion itself because fashion is not only an outlet of creativity but it tells a story of self-expression.

What’s it been like to collaborate on the Bonds Re-Loved campaign?

It has been such a joy for me creatively! It was something a little different than what I usually would do on a consistent basis, but it was all the more fun knowing I was contributing to a campaign that is doing wonderful things for the environment and sustainability in the fashion industry, which is something we need to focus on right now.

What is your favourite piece from the Re-Loved range, and why?

My favourite piece would have to be the hoodies. I don’t own a lot of hoodies but when I do they're an essential mainstay piece in my wardrobe and look really good layering underneath coats or by themselves. 

What are some of your favourite ways to re-use, reduce or recycle?

More recently, I have been using cotton bags when I go shopping, and while I limit how much coffee I buy in public places, I use reusable cups and opt for metal or bio-degradable straws now. They’re simple but effective ways to make a make a positive impact on the environment.

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