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Re-Loved Collab: Gabi Goddard & Habitual Feels

By The Bonds Team

To celebrate the launch of Re-Loved, our first range of recycled sweats and tees, we teamed up some of our favourite sustainably-minded influencers and artists to create bespoke collages that pay homage to the range. For this collaboration, we paired @gabigoddard with @habitualfeels

The Influencer: Meet Gabi

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My mother was a fashion designer when I was a kid (she’s retired now) and so, I grew up with an understanding of the workmanship that went into garments. It was a pretty natural next step to look into it when I was older. And that’s when I started becoming interested in the ethics of fashion. The other aspect of growing up around fashion was learning to love and respect both the functionality and beauty of clothes. They bring me joy, and I only invest in pieces I love. To be able to marry those two things on social media by posting sustainable fashion inspiration is such a privilege. 

What fuels you to get out of bed each morning?

Coffee and people. Relationships are the best possible reason for living, and so fostering healthy fulfilling relationships is my favourite pursuit in life. 

Name three things that inspire, excite and scare you. 

I’m inspired by my mum. She is the most adventurous, brave person I know. She taught me social justice from childhood. I’m more compassionate thanks to her. I’m excited by the future. I like to think humanity is ultimately becoming more enlightened. I’m scared of pain and boredom. It’s something I avoid to a ridiculous extent and it’s a major area of improvement for me.

What is it about waste that worries you?

If it’s not a natural fibre then it goes into landfill, takes hundreds of years to break down, and releases methane and greenhouse gases. Also the fact that all those resources that helped create it are being chucked out alongside it (e.g. oil, water and cotton). Brands have the capacity to do something about it and they’re not, which is why I’m so thrilled that Bonds is! 

What is your favourite piece from the Bonds Re-Loved range, and why?

I love them all but the t-shirts are really special, they're so soft and comfortable and they go with everything. They’ve got a great drape, they’re a perfect length (not too long, not too cropped), and they sit really nicely across the shoulders. Oh, and the neckline is cool too. 

What are some of your favourite ways to re-use, reduce or recycle?

Buying clothes made of recycled fibres, plastics, dead stock fabric, or buying then secondhand. I also chop up old clothes that aren’t fit for the op shop, keep them in pretty jars and use them instead of tissues or paper towel. There are also so many plastic alternatives out now that you can invest in. For example, my toothbrush is bamboo and after three months I can go plant it in my garden. I always keep a stash of essentials in my bag or car- shopping bags, keep cup, utensils etc.

The Artist: Habitual Feels

How did you get into art? 

I have always been into art, it was the only thing that kept me motivated at school. I think it must be in my DNA as my family is in the jewellery business and my dad is the designer. 

What led you to creating collages? 

After graduating from design college, I found myself getting stuck creatively. The only freelance jobs I was landing were branding jobs and I found that super boring.  I loved experimenting with mixed-media in high school so I found myself going back to that, blending in all my inspiration I collected.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Edgy and experimental. 

What’s it been like to collaborate on the Bonds Re-Loved campaign?

I was so stoked to get asked to collaborate with Bonds, not only because I’ve been wearing Bonds since I was a kid but because it’s great promoting sustainability within the fashion industry.

What is your favourite piece from the Re-Loved range, and why?

I love the chambray-washed Pullover and Trackies. I love the colour and it's super comfortable!

What are some of your favourite ways to re-use, reduce or recycle?

Easy, everyday ways I recycle is by re-using glass food packaging for jars and vases and replacing plastic bags with reusable cloth grocery bags. I also try to buy secondhand clothing through markets and apps like Depop before buying new items.

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