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6 Brands, 1 Easy Checkout


Re-Loved Collab: Phoebe Combes & Labyrinth of Collages

By The Bonds Team

To celebrate the launch of Re-Loved, our first range of recycled sweats and tees, we teamed up some of our favourite sustainably-minded influencers and artists to create bespoke collages that pay homage to the range. For this collaboration, we paired @phoebecombes with @labryrinthofcollages

The Influencer: Meet Phoebe

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Phoebe Combes, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Sydney. I am super passionate about yoga, all things to do with wellness. I am a vegan for ethical and environment reasons and extremely passionate about saving the environment and sustainability, and using my social media platforms to get the message out to inspire others to do the same.

What fuels you to get out of bed each morning?

Honestly, my morning workout, waking to see the sunrise, going to a Pilates class, or doing my own yoga practice at home. I love to move my body, it makes me feel alive!

What is it about waste that worries you?

Plastic! There is so much plastic in the world killing our environment, and forcing animals to become extinct. By 2040, it is predicted there will be no fish left in the sea due to pollution and waste, which is incredibly frightening.

What environmental concerns are on the top of your list?

Biodiversity. The increase in global warming, pollution and deforestation is leaving biodiversity in danger. Going vegan or simply reducing your meat intake can help reduce this. Climate change is also a major environmental concern, if we continue the way we are going with increasing ocean temperature and global sea levels shrinking our lands, causing mass weather incidents across the world, we are in serious danger.

What’s it been like to collaborate on the Bonds Re-Loved campaign?

It is such an amazing experience to collaborate with Bonds on their Re-loved campaign. Being such a major brand in Australia it is so great to see them take conscious action in becoming sustainable and promoting the message to others, I am so proud to have been able to work with them!

What is your favourite piece from the Re-Loved range, and why?

Ahhh... so many to choose from! I honestly just love to wear the plain white Crew Tee, it so comfortable and a great basic. It's both stylish and sustainable.

What are some of your favourite ways to re-use, reduce or recycle?

I am vegan and try to not eat things that create lots of waste or come in a box. Mostly fruits and vegetables, which I compost and try to buy from local farmer's markets, which reduces waste. I also shop at the bulk food shops to not use any waste, and fill up jars with the goodies I get from there. Anything I buy I try to reuse as much as possible - jars, containers, bottles. Other than that, just being conscious by taking shorter cold showers, turning the lights off, walking instead of driving - simple everyday stuff that makes a difference.

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