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We’ve introduced a game changer when it comes to sleep; Wondercool, designed to give bubs a cool and comfortable sleep (and help parents catch a few zzzs too!).

Getting bub to sleep can sometimes feel like it takes the whole day, with rocking, patting and singing lullabies taking precedence over things like cooking dinner and keeping up to date on the news. Unfortunately, we can’t make you a meal, but we can help you keep your finger on the pulse.

So, to keep baby comfy and help them get to sleep, whilst also helping parents stay in touch with the outside world, we’re introducing another game-changer. Sleepy-headlines.

Our Sleepy-headlines lullabies allow parents to get their daily news fix – all delivered lullaby-style, because multitasking is Parent 101. Catch today’s headlines while bub nods off, it won’t take long!

2 years ago