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Bonds blogger, Sophie Benbow, recently put our Bonds Swim range to the (water) test by taking it out for a stand-up paddle boarding lesson. In her own words, here is how her day on the board went in her new Bonds Swim togs.



Bonds obviously wanted me to try something out in the water and to my delight it was a stand up paddle boarding (SUP) lesson at one of Australia’s most renowned SUP schools: WATSSUP at the beautiful Watsons Bay in Sydney. I have tried SUP before in Noosa but I just hired a board so my knowledge of the sport was slim to none, I was excited to have a lesson and learn something new!


Sophie is wearing our Hipster Logo Triangle and Skimpy in black and our Hipster Zip Crop Rashie in Shady.

Ideally located just moments from the Watsons Bay ferry Wharf WATSSUP is the brainchild of two ocean loving enthusiasts: Terry McDermott and Joanna Kyriazakos. Their motto for the school is to “Learn, Train, Play’ being a place to ‘learn’ new skills, ‘train’ hard and to ‘play’ and have fun. They offer one on one SUP lessons, group lessons and they have “SUP FIT” training classes which are designed to strengthen your core, enhance your balance and develop appropriate muscles for SUPing (I so want to give this a try once I am more advanced!). 


Sophie is wearing our Hipster Triangle and Bikini in Sea Orchid.

I turned up at 1pm on the most perfect Saturday afternoon (blue skies, soft breeze) and I was met by Terry. He automatically made me feel at ease and quite relaxed for the whole SUP experience. I was assigned a board and a paddle on the beach where we did a bit of training before we got out onto the water. Terry taught me the basics of steering, the correct grip and alignment of the paddle and how to get from knees to standing whilst on the board.


Sophie is wearing our Hipster Logo Triangle and Skimpy Bikini in black.

Soon enough we had taken off and I was paddling away. The lesson was really informative but fun at the same time. It was so therapeutic being out on the water and once I had picked up the basics I felt quite confident turning and changing direction on the board. Overall, the experience was great and I definitely want to go back and have a few more lessons. To be honest I am not THAT confident in the rough Australian ocean, so this was a great option for me to enjoy the water in a much calmer manner whilst still having a great workout. I would highly recommend this class and now that summer is around the corner I can’t wait to give it another go!


Sophie is wearing our Hipster Rashie in black and Hipster Bikini in Sea Orchid.


Using their trademark Hipster and Zippy fits, and tropical, fun prints I am really impressed by the range! The bikinis have removable padding, which I love, the bottoms come in a few different shapes and sizes, the one-pieces have such nice detailing and fabric and they have included rash vests which were perfect for stand up paddle boarding.


Sophie is wearing our Hipster Tube and Bikini in black.

If you want to find out more about WATSSUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding you can find their details here:

Instagram: watsonsbaysup


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