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Unfiltered chat with Liz Cambage. Let’s get real.

Unfiltered chat with Liz Cambage. Let’s get real.

Designed to make a statement, our newest Womens underwear range is 90s inspired and made to be seen.

Retro Rib is all about getting real, embracing women of all shapes and sizes, and celebrating our differences.

The face of Retro Rib is Australian Liz Cambage, current WNBA superstar. We caught up with the 90s baby to Get Real and unfiltered…

Q: What does ‘Get Real’ mean to you?

Get Real means being true to yourself and I’m lucky that’s how I’ve honestly lived my whole life. I find it harder to fake it than to be real and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. If you’re not being yourself, you’re not living your true life.

Q: How did you feel about shooting for Get Real?

I loved it! I’m clearly not a model so it was really intimidating being on set with these stunning girls who were all so gorgeous and so lovely and everyone made me feel so comfortable. It was a really empowering day, I’m very lucky I got to be a part of it.

Q: Who is the one person in your life that best understands the real you, and why?

My mum encouraged me to grow up to be 100% me and authentic and that’s definitely how I live my life. I’m lucky I have such an amazing mother who really let me grow and develop into the true me.

Q: You’ve spoken about being bullied when you were younger, can you tell us about it?

I was bullied for being coloured, being head and shoulders above the rest, being different. I feel like now the world is changing and we’re really embracing people for being different and diverse, because what’s the point of looking like everyone else? I’m glad that I’m in a place now where I love every part of me. But yeah growing up was tough.

Q: Which of your tattoos is your favourite and what’s the meaning behind it?

I have ‘liberté’ which is French for ‘freedom’ tattooed on my neck. In 2014 I ruptured my Achilles in Paris and it was an injury that taught me a lot about myself and really taught me freedom in myself and in my life. So that’s what that one means, everyone asks me about that one all the time.

Q: How do you feel mentally when you’ve got a basketball injury?

I’m a big believer that mental and physical health come hand in hand and affect each other. If you’re feeling down mentally it’s going to show up on you physically, and if you’re injured or struggling with something physically it’s going to weigh on your mind. Taking care of your body, mind and spirit has always been such a big part of my life.

Q: Do you have a favourite place to travel, when you get a chance to go on a holiday?

I’m the biggest advocate for Bali, it’s my number one getaway. There’s so much vegan and plant-based food in Bali, and it’s a very spiritual, healing place when it comes to religion and the energy of the islands and the ocean. I’ve always grown up by the ocean so being by the water is so important to me. I’m also dying to have a little Mexico moment but we’ll see, I know I’m gunna end up in Bali.

Q: Are most of your friends in Melbourne or the US?

A lot of my friends are Australian but everyone is everywhere now. I have a lot of friends living over here, I’ve got friends in LA, I’ve got friends in New York. It’s just crazy how everywhere Australians are. It’s great that I know so many people overseas doing their thing. It’s really inspiring. And knowing that we’re all in this together, living away is not the easiest but it’s so satisfying at the same time.

Q: What’s a bad habit that you’d like to change?

I think my worst habit is how hard I am on myself. I’m a big perfectionist and I’m very hard on myself but that’s also how I got to where I am today so it has it’s pros and cons.

Q: What’s your go-to guilty pleasure food?

I love chocolate anything. I a sucker for chocolate, but like sugar free, raw chocolate. There’s so many goodies at Wholefoods over here I just love it all.

Q: What movie makes you cry?

I cry in a lot of movies. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet is one of my top 3 favourite movies ever and if I ever need to cry that’s my go-to.

Q: What movie makes you laugh your ass off?

I love Mean Girls. It is my go-to. It’s the best ever. I went through HBO the other night and Mean Girls was there and it’s all I can focus on, Mean Girls all the time.

Q: You’re a DJ, how badass is that?! What’s been your favourite gig to date?

I played [DJ’ed] Dylan Alcott’s Ability Fest, a music festival making music inclusive for everyone. Whether they’re in a wheelchair or have hearing disabilities. It was the best gig I’ve ever played. It was so inclusive and it was really great to be a part of that.

Q: Do you have a favourite music artist at the moment?

I’m loving Lizzo and I love that we have the same name as well. She’s just the energy I need to get to, I need my energy to be on her level. She’s everything.

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