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Sleep Like a Baby with Bonds Wondercool
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So you’ve had a baby, congratulations! There’s nothing more magical than bringing new life into the world. And while your heart is exploding with love for your little one, your head is probably exploding due to lack of sleep. Nodding along? Well don’t nod off on us just yet, we’ve got something that’s about to put some of the zen back into your bub’s (and your!) Zzzzz life.


Wondercool is designed to give bubs the comfiest sleep and peace of mind for you, the parents. We know that keeping bubs comfy, cool and cosy is your top priority and bubs get a better quality sleep when they’re at the right temperature.

Wondercool with innovative thermal cooling fabric works wonders for both of your sleep.

The ONLY baby clothing approved by Red Nose for safer sleep.

So… what makes Wondercool, well, so cool and wonderful?

Adaptive Cooling Fabric

Keeping your bub at a temperature that is neither too hot or too cold is important. This is where Wondercool comes in! The innovative cooling fabric imitates the skin’s natural bodily process of evaporative cooling – meaning it helps to wick away sweat and enables heat to leave the body. This has a cooling effect on the skin’s surface, which means your bub feels cool and comfy while he/she catches zzzz’s.

Soft and Stretchy Aussie Cotton

Comfy is what Bonds does best, so you can rest assured knowing your bub is comfy in oh so soft and local Aussie Cotton that moves with your bub.

Mesh Fabric Air Cuffs™

Our innovative air cuffs help to prevent bub from scratching during the night and the mesh maximises airflow and breathability to little hands and feet.

Preferred Partner of Red Nose

Wondercool is the ONLY baby clothing approved by Red Nose for safer sleep. Plus, at Bonds we’ve been designing and perfecting Australia’s favourite babywear for over 100 years, so you can trust you’re in safe hands. For the latest evidence-based advice from Red Nose on safer sleeping, read here.

Iconic Bonds baby shapes with a modern tech twist 

We’ve kept the range to key basic shapes designed for bubs at all stages – newborns to toddlers. Styles include the iconic Zip Wondersuit, Wonderbundle and Wonderbodies – all the essentials they need in their wardrobe. For more on the design, inspiration and innovation behind Wondercool, check out our exclusive interview with Phoebe Rofail, Head Designer Bonds Kids and Baby. 

"I like to party and by party I mean take naps." 

Entire range available here.

3 years ago