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At Home Activity: Kindness Jar
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With school, holidays and other outdoor activities on pause for some of us right now, keeping the kids engaged and entertained can be an ongoing challenge for parents (we feel you, guys!) That's why we reached out to our mate, and Bonds-appointed Wondermum, Emma Meyer from @play_at_home_mummy for an easy at-home activity that's not only oodles of fun but bursting with all the good feels. And, let's be real, we could all do with a few more of them at the mo'. 

Over to Emma... 

DIY Kindness Jar 

In our family, we emphasise kindness every day - but I want to be able to do tangible things together that would allow my kids to recognise their power to spread kindness to others. So, we had a discussion about small acts of kindness - for our family, friends and for the community - that we could do on a weekly basis and add to what we call our Kindness Jar. Here's how you can create your own...

What You'll Need: 

Paper (plain or coloured)



Large empty jar

How to Create: 

Step 1. Grab some paper and pens.

Step 2. Sit down with your kids and discuss what small acts of kindness can be done each week and write them down. A few examples include: send a card to the grandparents, feed the ducks, make a special parcel and deliver to a friend, bake some cupcakes for Dad/Mum, paint a rock and hide it for another kid to discover. 

Step 3. Once all the ideas are written down, transfer them onto strips of colourful paper. Get the kids to add their own drawings or special touches to each strip.

Step 4. Roll them up and add them to the jar. Each Monday, pick a strip out of the jar, read it aloud and carry out that chosen act of kindness together during the week.

Images courtesy of Emma Meyer @play_at_home_mummy

4 years ago
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