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Check It! Before You Chuck It
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Confession time: do you sometimes mindlessly throw your unwanted items into the wrong bin? It’s easy to do. In fact, Planet Ark research shows that 99% of us are still tossing items into the wrong bin.

Ninety-nine percent.

That’s HUGE.

It’s why we didn’t hesitate to hook up with our mates at APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) and start shouting their latest campaign – Check It! Before You Chuck It - from the rooftops. In an effort to bring that statistic waaaay down, reduce landfill, and educate Aussies on the right way to recycle, Check It! Before You Chuck It! asks you to do exactly that.

Each time you go to chuck out an item, first check it by looking for the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to learn how to dispose of it correctly. To take the confusion out of recycling, there are three types of labels to tell you whether something is Recyclable, Conditionally Recyclable or Not Recyclable.

The Labels:

Check it before you chuck it

The good news for Bonds shoppers is that our more sustainable shipping satchels are not only made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, they’re also printed with the Conditionally Recyclable label with clear instructions on how to recycle it. ‘Store Drop Off’ means it can be dropped off at any REDcycle collection bin, found at most major supermarkets nation-wide. Check out what other recent steps we’ve taken to improve our sustainable packaging efforts.

Fact: when we dispose of our waste correctly, we keep our recycling streams contamination-free. We also prevent recyclable materials from ending up in landfill unnecessarily. In short, knowing your labels is the key to nailing your household recycling and protecting our planet.

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