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Five Minutes with Flume

By The Bonds Team

You know him best as Flume, the Grammy award-winning megastar who has dominated the music industry in recent years. We know him as Harley Edward Streten, the funny, down-to-earth, 26-year-old who originally hails from Sydney but now calls Los Angeles home. With his unique talent for blending electronic beats sending him shooting up the charts worldwide, we couldn't think of a more on-point ambassador to join the star-studded line-up in our new Bonds Originals sweats campaign. We sat down to chat with the Australian DJ, musician, and producer about his biggest inspirations, and his most favourite collaborations. 

Flume for Bonds Originals sweats

What do you love most about what you do?

Being able to travel so much – making connections all around the world with different people – I love having a hobby that’s now my business, it’s a great setup – as long as the creativity still happens it’s great.

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Both Flying Lotus and J Dilla were both huge inspirations for the Flume project musically when I first heard their music it shifted the way I thought about rhythm and I realised everything didn’t have to be perfect and there was a real beauty in taking sounds off the grid.

Do you remember your first Bonds?

Yeah, I used to buy Bonds at Best & Less at Warringah Mall – all the cool kids had Bonds.

What five things can you not live without?

My laptop, toothpicks, cinnamon mints, La Croix, avocado toast.

What advice do you have for someone trying to break into your industry?

Learn your craft, figure out how different people make their own sounds, figure out how different genres work, once you have all the tools or understanding about how different melodies work, have a play around and create your own identity by crushing other genres together – don’t feel strange about figuring it out that way.

Flume for Bonds Originals sweats

What’s on the agenda for 2018?

Having moved out to LA – I’m excited to spend some time in my home away from home, and collaborate with new people and making more music again – it’s a year of creating.

What’s been your favourite collaboration to date?

Dave from Glass Animals was a lot of fun, we did that when we were both on tour, both playing the same festival, we had a couple of days together in Paris – it was a lot of fun writing with him, he’s cool to hang with.

What do you love most about being part of this project?

It’s a brand that I grew up with – it’s nice seeing this come full circle with an Australian brand.

If there was one artist, dead or alive, you could collaborate with who would it be?

J Dilla for sure, he was such an inspiration for the Flume project.


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