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Plastic Free July Tips from our Head of Sustainability
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It can be a little bit daunting when thinking about how you can reduce your reliance on single-use plastic. In celebration of Plastic Free July, we’re helping to shine a light on some simple initiatives that you can implement For the Greater Comfy. To help us, we asked Sheree, our Head of Sustainability, for her tips on how we can make a few simple switches from using single-use plastic.

What new commitment are you making this Plastic Free July? 

I’m going to focus on an area I’m yet to tackle – the bathroom! I’m committing to switching our liquid soap back to bars, toothbrushes to bamboo, ditching my disposable shavers and finding a reusable one, and keep making an effort to use reusable period products


What plastic alternatives do you and your family already use?

We’ve become much more conscious of our waste at home after starting to properly separate out our plastic waste for recycling and seeing how much we actually use. We’re now making a conscious effort to use: 

- Reusable bags: I carry spare tote bags with me everywhere!

- Reusable drink bottles, coffee cups, food containers and wax wraps.

- Also avoiding temptation to use single-use bags in the veggie aisle at the supermarket and buying bulk whenever I can. 

In your role at Bonds, what plastic-free initiatives have you helped to implement? 

We’ve set an ambitious goal to eliminate single-use plastics in our product packaging by 2025 and reduce our packaging footprint by 25%. Our teams have been working hard to look for ways we can achieve this.We’ve removed plastic shopping bags in our Bonds stores and also redesigned some of our packaging to eliminate plastic, including switching over to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mix cardboard, which uses raw materials from sustainably managed forests. The team have also designed some self-fabric packaging alternatives. We’ve still got some way to go, but have made a great start.

What’s three easy ways others can get involved this Plastic Free July? 

1. Take a look at the Plastic Free July website and see how you can get involved. There’s some great ideas – both simple and more advanced.

2. Make a commitment – if going totally plastic-free for the month is too overwhelming, start small and commit to making just one simple change for the better, and maintaining it. 

3. Start the conversation at work, school or uni and share the ways you are reducing your plastic consumption. It’s a great way to get more ideas and inspire others to make a change too!

What’s one tip you have for someone getting started in reducing plastic waste?

Become conscious of your plastic waste at home. Do a bin audit and see what your highest use items are that you could look to avoid consuming. Any small change can really add up to a big difference!

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