We’re here to make life comfy.

Our vision is to make you comfier every day while also striving to reduce our impact on the planet. And that starts with the first thing you put on in the morning. From our planet to our people to our products, we’re committed to a more ethical, more sustainable, kinder way forward. It’s a big, challenging, exciting vision that will continue for years to come. We might not be perfect, or always get it right, but when it comes to helping make the world a comfier place – we’re all in.


Time to make the world a comfier place.

Our 2025 & 2030 goals are a map to a brighter, kinder, comfier future. Together with our global HanesBrands family, we’re working to achieve our new set of long-term goals:



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Globally we're aiming to improve the lives of at least ten million people by 2030. We will do so by:

  • Supporting our global employee base, and those of our suppliers, primarily through programs focused on health and wellness, education, and diversity and inclusion.
  • Supporting our communities through health & wellness and education programs, philanthropy and encouraging volunteerism.

We are currently supporting our communities by:

  • Helping to improve the lives of young people through our partnerships with Reach Foundation and Minus18.
  • Educating parents about the importance of safer sleep via our partnership with Red Nose Australia.
  • Providing clothing essentials to vulnerable Aussies in times of crisis through our partnership with GIVIT.


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As part of HanesBrands, we have signed the Science-Based Targets Call-to-Action Commitment Letter and will develop science-based targets by 2022. As such, together with our global HanesBrands family we will:

  • Continue to drive greenhouse gas reductions in our owned and key-supplier facilities, which we currently project will require an absolute Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of at least an additional 25% by 2030 to meet science-based targets.
  • Continue to drive energy use reductions in our owned and key-supplier facilities, which we currently project will require us to reduce energy use at least an additional 25% by 2030 to meet science-based targets.
  • Aim to achieve 100% renewable electricity in our owned operations by 2030.
  • We will also educate consumers on the energy, GHG emissions and money they can save by washing our products in cold water with a goal of 300 million consumer impressions by 2022.


We aim to reduce water use within our operations by an additional 25% by 2030 off a 2019 baseline.


We aim to achieve zero waste across our operations by 2025 and support key suppliers to do the same.



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  • We aim to eliminate single-use plastics in our product packaging by 2025 and are working towards 100% of our packaging being reusable or recyclable.
  • We aim to reduce the weight of our product packaging by 25% by 2025, off a 2019 baseline.
  • We’re working towards using 100% sustainable cotton and 100% recycled polyester across all our products by 2025.
  • We aim to have a fully circular product or significant circularity initiative by 2025.


Our people are our family.

They’re the DNA, the backbone, the legends who make everything we do possible. And so, we want to be real about the ways in which we value and support them. Because we can’t truly be comfy until everyone is.

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    From Sydney to Shanghai, and everywhere in between, our employees are like family. Which is why we’re passionate about:

    • Treating everyone fairly, with dignity and respect.
    • Supporting fundamental human rights for all.
    • Providing a safe and healthy workplace.
    • Valuing diversity, equality and inclusion.
    • Ensuring no child or forced labour is used.

    We have been recognised by Baptist World Aid for our commitment to ethical sourcing. In 2019, we along with our Hanesbrands family, improved from an A- grade to an A in their Ethical Fashion Report. In 2020, we were also recognised in the top tier of their COVID Fashion Report. You can find out more via baptistworldaid.org.au.


    As players in the fashion biz, we have a responsibility to act with fairness, respect and integrity in relation to our employees. From our stores to our factory floors, we hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable to strong ethical standards and are committed to human rights and responsible sourcing.

    How are we doing this?
    Under our parent company, Hanesbrands, we run an ethical sourcing program that is accredited by the Fair Labor Association (FLA). This program monitors social compliance through ongoing annual assessments of factories to ensure compliance with our policies and identify any opportunities for continuous improvement.
    Unlike most apparel companies, Hanesbrands owns and operates most of our manufacturing facilities, which enables us to create a positive and safe working environment. It also means we provide our production employees a living wage, so that they live in households that more than meet their basic needs – and have some discretionary income. For the families of these employees, Hanesbrands also provides school supplies, health insurance, subsidised meals and transportation and generally invest in local communities.
    You can read more about our global ethical sourcing program here.



The fabric of our lives.


At the heart of everything we do is you. From stitch to seam, much of what we design is done right here in Australia, driven by a team of dream-weaving innovators, who pour their love and passion into each piece so when you put it on it’s like magic.

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    & DESIGN

    Our Fabrics.

    We’re obsessed with comfy, which means we’re obsessed with fabric. We are constantly reviewing how and where it’s made, what it’s made from and how we can make it better, more sustainable, less wasteful. We could nerd out about this stuff all day.

    By 2025, we will use 100% sustainable cotton and 100% recycled polyester across all of our products.

    We define sustainable cotton as US and Australian grown, organic, recycled, or sourced from the Better Cotton Initiative and other reputable sustainable cotton programs.

    IS KEY


    Our Collaborators.

    We couldn’t create products that are kinder on the environment without the help of our partners…

    Cotton Australia

    Working with Australia’s peak cotton body allows us to support local cotton farming communities and provide top quality cotton.

    Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

    Products that have been GOTS certified means compliance with environmentally and socially responsible standards for growing, processing and manufacturing.




    Our Commitment.

    We’re committed to making sure our products do not contain harmful substances. In 2015, we created our own Restricted Substances List which now covers more than 880 substances. We hold ourselves accountable for providing safe products, making sure we deliver great products while being conscious of our environmental impact.



Sourcing sustainable materials that are kinder to the planet, without compromising on quality or comfort, is hugely important to us. We have the power to reduce our environmental footprint, and that’s exactly what we’re committed to doing.

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    When you choose Bonds products made with Aussie cotton you’re also helping to support up to 1,500 local cotton farms and over 100 Australian farming communities. Working with Aussie farmers via Cotton Australia helps us to create some of the softest cotton clothing in the world. True story. It also gives us a greater understanding of where our raw materials come from and how they are farmed and produced. It now takes 48% less water to grow a bale of Aussie cotton compared to 1992. Talk about better for the planet!


    • Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres.

    • Grown using sustainable farming practises that sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes.

    • Organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In other words, it’s free of nasties.

    • GOTS certified manufacturing adheres to policies that help to minimise water-waste to prevent it from ending up in oceans and waterways.



    We’re looking at “waste” in a different way, thinking about it as a resource and finding ways to turn it into yarns that we can use in the fabric of our garments. Pretty awesome, right?

    Across key product ranges, we’re looking to increase the use of recycled yarns – including cotton yarns made from fabric waste offcuts and polyester yarns made with recycled PET bottles that may have otherwise been sent to landfill.




Comfy is more than just a warm pair of socks (although those are pretty great too!) it’s about being accepted, supported and understood. It’s about making space for others, giving them a seat at the table and a chance to be heard. We’ve teamed up with a range of community partners to help give a voice to the voiceless and bring comfort to where it’s needed most.

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  • Reach

    In 2018, we joined forces with Reach to empower and inspire young people to find their voice and own it. We’re honoured to partner with an organisation as ground-breaking as Reach, with our funding helping to support their life-changing secondary school workshops and expansion of their INC Programs into regional and rural areas.

    Being a teenager can be tough. Reach recognises this, and by tackling challenges faced by young people, whether it be mental health, peer pressure, bullying, a lack of confidence or something else, they equip teens with the tools to combat anything life throws at them. Through their life-changing workshops and programs, run 100% for and by young people, they aim to build confidence, teach self-awareness and encourage passion.

    Over the next three years, our partnership will help to impact:

    • 12,240 young people across 306 classroom-based Secondary School Workshops for students from years 7-12 in VIC and NSW each year.
    • 880 young people across 22 regional workshops in Alice Springs and Robinvale communities each year.

    Visit Reach.

  • Minus18

    Minus18 are champions for LGBTQIA+ youth Australia-wide, and we’re proud to partner with them. Our partnership helps to fund important peer-to-peer support, education, training and safe spaces for same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people.

    We’re proud to be a Key Sponsor of the sparkliest night of the year – the Queer Formal events in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. The Queer Formal offers an unforgettable night where young people can be free to be themselves and make new friends.

    Visit Minus18.

  • Red nose
    Red nose

    We work in collaboration with Red Nose Australia to create safer sleepwear for babies and infants. Together, we launched Wondercool, the only baby clothing approved by Red Nose for safer sleep. Made with innovative thermal cooling fabric that adapts to your bub's natural body temperature to help keep them cool and comfy, Bonds Wondercool works wonders to help ensure they aren't too hot or too cold for better quality sleep.

    Visit Red Nose Australia.

  • Givit

    GIVIT works to alleviate poverty in Australia by connecting those who have with those who need. We work with GIVIT on an ongoing basis to donate clothing to the most vulnerable members of our community. We also provide disaster recovery relief, such as the donation of face masks during COVID-19 and support to those affected by the 2020 Victorian bushfires. The goods we offer not only help bring comfort, they also help the environment by staying out of landfill.

    Since our partnership began in 2018, we’ve donated over 1,125,000 items to people in need.

    Visit Givit.

In 2022, we launched an initiative dedicated to breaking down gender norms and stereotypes in the fashion industry, and supporting everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. We recognised that in order to fully commit to the comfort of all we needed to be community-led, not gender-led, supporting and amplifying freedom, openness, and authentic self-expression – however Aussies may choose to identify or express themselves.

To kick things off, we appointed a 2022 advocate panel comprising of a group of diverse, LGBTQIA+ Australians with different perspectives and lived experiences. Their role is to provide honest input, insight, and advice in support of the Project’s goals.

Visit The UnGENderwear Project.

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  • We recognise that to fully commit to the comfort of all, and to support authentic 
self-expression, we need to set clear goals to help guide the Project. These include...

    Undertake a comprehensive audit of all gendered terms used across product, packaging and stores to challenge their relevance, and review any deemed non-inclusive by 2025.
    To deliver a genderless shopping experience in a Bonds owned channel by 2023.
    To continue to meaningfully consult with and listen to the LGBTQIA+ community on major initiatives, appointing a panel of advocates and conducting a nationwide consumer study by 2023.


We are incredibly aware of the environmental problems the fashion industry faces. In short: it ain’t pretty. With the help of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), we’re taking conscious steps towards reducing our packaging footprint. We’re excited to share with you some of our latest packaging initiatives because yes, packaging excites us. 

By 2025, we’re working to eliminate single-use plastics in our product packaging and ensure that 100% of our packaging is reusable or recyclable. We’re also working as part of our global Hanesbrands family to reduce the weight our product packaging by 25%, off a 2019 baseline.




We have removed all plastic garment hangers from being shipped with our online orders. In our owned stores, our hangers are reused through our partnership with TIC, a program that reuses hangers, which may otherwise end up in landfill. In 2019, 71% of all hangers were reused this way.



We’ve replaced single-use plastic bags in our stores with paper bags that are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed material. Our paper bags are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and reusable and recyclable.




Our online orders arrive on doorsteps in shipping satchels made from 90% post-consumer waste plastic. They feature the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) logo, and can be recycled via REDcycle drop-off bins, located at major supermarkets across Australia.



We’ve made the switch so that all our underwear packs are made from REDcycle-compliant soft plastics. This means they can be easily recycled by dropping them off at your nearest REDcycle bin, located at major supermarkets nation-wide.



We’ve started the journey to more sustainable swing tags and other card-based packaging by reducing card weight and upgrading it to an Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mixed card, which uses raw materials from sustainably managed forests.


Reuse, recycle, re-home. Here are a few simple ways you can do your bit for the good of the planet:

  • Forget Plastic
    The quicker you can make the switch from single-use plastic to reusable alternatives the better. Our store and online order bags are reusable and recyclable.
  • Re-Home Clothing
    Donate, sell or swap any unwanted clothing. There are countless ways to re-home pre-loved clothing, from donating items to your local charity shop to selling them online.
  • Repair and Reuse
    Replacing buttons, repairing holes and cutting hems are just a few easy and affordable ways to extend the life of a garment.
  • Follow the Care Label
    Make your clothing last longer by following the care label instructions and using a wash bag where applicable.
  • Use Cold Water
    Only pop a machine wash on once you have a full load. Opting for a cold wash (anything below 30C) uses less energy and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Avoid Tumble Dryers
    Air drying is a more cost effective and planet-friendly way to dry your clothes. Laying delicates, such as bras and undies, flat to dry in the shade helps to keep their shape.
  • Recycle Packaging
    Always check packaging for a recycle symbol before tossing it out. Our online bags can be recycled by dropping them into a REDcycle bin, found at most major supermarkets.
  • Keep it Simple
    Great basics are the key to a versatile wardrobe. Staple pieces that can be mixed and matched also makes getting dressed in the morning easier.