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Strengthening our Support for Minus18 & LGBTQIA+ Youth
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Exciting news! We’re proud to be continuing our support for Australia’s LGBTQIA+ youth through our partnership with Minus18. Over the next three years, our partnership will help to fund important peer-to-peer support, education, training and safe spaces for same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people.

We’re also proud to be a Key Sponsor of the sparkliest night of the year – the Queer Formal events in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. The Queer Formal offers an unforgettable night where young people can be free to be themselves and make new friends.

To celebrate our ongoing partnership, we’ve launched some fundraising initiatives both online and in store so you can get involved in making a difference. Every $1,500 raised will go towards funding a free Minus18 Gender and Sexuality Youth Workshop for 50 students.

These workshops offer a safe environment for young people to ask questions, start discussions, interact and dig deeper into the barriers faced by LGBTQIA+ people. Students leave feeling empowered to enact positive change within their school community and help create safe spaces for their LGBTQIA+ friends and peers.

Throughout February, you can help support Minus18 by donating $2 when you shop and checkout with us online, or at any of our Bonds stores nation-wide.


Learn more about our partnership here. 

3 years ago
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